Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dodgers Throw a Curve- There are 2 Different Sandy Koufax Bobbleheads

I didn't see this coming.  Per Polo Ascencio on twitter we find out that there are actually 2 different Sandy Koufax bobbleheads being given out at tonights game.  Take a look at them below.

On the right is the normal Koufax bobblehead made to an edition of 50,000.  On the left is the "Special Edition" Koufax bobblehead given out only to fans who ordered tickets through a 10-game ticket package plan.  Only 1,955 of these bobbles were made.  The above pic via twitter @poloascenio.

Here is another pic showing what the back of the "Special Edition" bobblehead looks like.  It uses the scene from that famous 1965 photo of Koufax holding 4 baseballs in his hands to signify that his September 9, 1965 no hitter was his 4th of his career.  Strangely, I can't figure out why they only made 1,955 of these bobbles when it clearly shows Koufax in a pose from 1965.  It's got to be a typo on that box because that makes no sense.  Pic below via twitter @poloascencio.

Below is a pic of the boxes for each bobblehead, via twitter @poloascencio.

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