Sunday, February 22, 2009

Martin Maturing and Finds Some Love

Russell Martin's growth can be seen through his growing pains. While struggling with the workload a young catcher must endure, Joe Torre gave him the straight scoop.
"Baseball is like this," he (Joe Torre) says, moving his hand steadily. "You need to get rid of this." Now the hand is making a sine wave, with peaks and troughs. "We play every single day. You have to stay here emotionally" — the steady hand again.
Still, Russell struggled with his emotions.
"I'd just get pissed. It wouldn't be consistent. Some days I'd be having good days and I'd be like, okay, this is fun. And some days I'd miss my pitch or make an error and I'm pissed, and the pitcher's wondering what's going on. The goal is to stay as smooth as I can. The goal is to help, that's what I'm here for, really."
At least he's getting some help to reach an even keel with the help of a certain lady friend.
He's settled down with a steady girlfriend, and while babies aren't in the picture, "We are practising a lot," he says, smiling.
Check out the entire article here from The Globe and Mail.

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