Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to the Blue Vicente

Vicente Padilla has signed a Minor League contract with the Dodgers.

LA Times story here.

Dodgers Move Westward Created a Music Legend

Of all the things to come out of the Dodger move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles this was the last thing I expected to read.
That hurt may still resonate, something any Dodgers fan of the '50s can relate to and empathize with, but it turns out if wasn't for the sting of that move Neil Diamond, music superstar may not exist.
Boston should be thanking us. After all, where would they be without their "Sweet Caroline".

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Dodger Correspondence: Steve Rachunok

Here is a great letter written to a Roy Pitts from an old-time Brooklyn Dodger Steve Rachunok. I am sure this is a name you don't recognize- especially since he only appeared in 2 Major League games in his career. Nevertheless, it is correspondence from players like this that prove to me why these letter are so great. He shows a real love for the game and an appreciation true fans would love.
Now Roy, You asked me about some of my thrills in Baseball- I cannot forget the day we played an exhibition game with (the) New York Giants in Havana, Cuba. When I was pitching for (the) Brooklyn Dodgers- I went in to relief pitch- I had 3 men on- 2 out and Mel Ott at bat. I finally got down to the count of three and two. On the next pitch, I believe I threw the Best Pitch in my life, a fastball for a strike on the inside corner, leaving Mel Ott standing at the plate.

Another time I got a real kick out of pitching a no hitter against Palestine in the East Texas League when I was with the Henderson Oilers. Struck out 15- really a thrill- And then another time back in 1940 when I was pitching for Montreal, then a Brooklyn farm club, I hit a couple of home runs in the playoffs against Newark in the ol' International League to knock them out of the pennant race and finally go on and win the pennant for Montreal- Sorry to say, we got beat by Columbus in the Little World Series- I could go on with a few more, but it may sound like I'm bragging, so I'll knock it off.
Mr. Rachunok, brag all you want.
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