Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is It Billingsley's Time Now?

The LA Times notes that Chad Billingsley has "not given up an earned run in his last six appearances spanning 9 2/3 innings" and may be headed out of the bullpen. He is a strong candidate for the next open starting pitching spot. With Tomko's horrible performance yesterday that day may come very soon.

Story Link: LA Times:

eBay: Recent Pick-Ups

Below are two items I recently won on eBay. Below is a 1951 American Nut & Chocolate premium pin of the Brooklyn Dodgers. It measures less than an inch in diameter. Certainly, it is not in the best condition, but it was available at a very affordable $5.00. I couldn't say no, especially since I don't already have one in my collection.
After all of the bickering and whining I did about seeing Gagne leave Dodger Blue for richer pastures in Texas I can't help but maintain a little bit of love for Mr. Game Over. His dominance as closer with his "Welcome to the Jungle" theme song blaring over the loudspeakers are memories I will never forget. He made staying the whole game in Los Angeles fashionable. Below is a 2005 Fleer Showcase Legacy Autographed card that I got for under $3.00. What a steal. The added benefit of seeing Gagne go is that his cards can be purchased at steep discounts.

Dodger Fan Shows He Can Carry Griffey's Jock

This story has been making the rounds, so I'm sure you all have seen it. If you haven't, then you need to check out this story posted on MySpace. A Dodger fan heckles Griffey. Words are exchanged as Griffey declares he couldn't "touch the threads on his jock." Then the unexpected happens. Griffey gives him his jock. Literally! Check out the MySpace link for more of the story.

Thanks to Trolley Dodger for posting the story. SOSG lets us know that it is now a national story. It's on ESPN.