Monday, May 01, 2006

New Dodger items arrived in the mail over the weekend. My favorite eBay win are these 2 ballpark pins of Steve Sax and Fernando Valenzuela. Made in the 80's, these pins are plentiful and inexpensive. Not only that, there are plenty of players available on these vintage pins, and many different variations out there to keep most fanatical Dodger fans busy. I've seen them with facsimile autographs and without, with the players name in print and without, and with a reference number and without.

The Fernando is actually a duplicate for my collection. So, I will not be keeping it long. If anyone is interested in buying or trading for the pin please let me know. Otherwise, you should be able to find it on eBay in the next month or so.

Roster Moves

Well... Jon's got the news... Jonathan Broxton and Joe Beimel up, Lance Carter and Hong-Chih Kuo down... Inside the Dodgers... I expect Kuo to came back up later in the year and do better than he has so far... I think Carter can still be effective- he just needs to get things worked out... We may never see Broxton in Las Vegas uniform again... Joe Beimel- well- lets see what he can bring to the table.

1947 Tip Top Bread Dodgers!!

I just did some scanning this afternoon. Please check out my photo album for pics of Dodger players from the 1947 Tip Top Bread Set. This is one of the all-time rare regional issued sets. A complete set is very difficult to complete. A mint set is virtually impossible. Cards where distributed in Tip Top Bread packs with only the players in the respective area available
in the packs. For instance, only Detroit players where available in Detroit, and St. Louis Browns & Cardinals available in the greater Missouri area. I'm about 40 cards short of completing my set. If you have anything available, please let me know.