Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Christmas Coming Early: Dodgers On Fire!

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Could this be? Has Santa actually decided to grant me my wish? Everything is so perfect right now. The team is running like the wind. The sluggers are killing the hide. The starters are a mixture between Supermen and Riddlers. The relievers are coagulating into a hardened Rock of Gibraltar. There is a sense of confidence that you can see in the manner of their play. They know they can win any game, at any time. This is some of the best Baseball I've seen in a long time. This is some of the best Baseball I've seen from the Dodgers in a long time.

Seven games in a row! 9 out of the past 10! 15 out of the last 18! Unbelievable! After all the turmoil over the past winter we are blessed with the chance to witness this kind of play. I definitely like what I'm seeing and will enjoy it while it's here.

Right now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this will last. Baseball, as we all know, is not filled with certainty. It's much like life. It tends to ebb and flow as time goes by. Sometimes the sun shines and the birds chirp, but then the clouds can start to menace and the wolves come out of the dark. But you never know. Afterall, I haven't gotten a thing from Santa in a long time, so I figure, I'm due.
This is one of 15 scorecards I received in the recently concluded Robert Edwards Auction. I love this 19th Century stuff. These cards are made by John B. Sage and most consist of pre-printed line-ups featuring some famous players; including King Kelly. Check out the rest of the postcards in my photoalbum.

Sponsoring Pages

I have been a frequent user of the Baseball-Reference website for several years now. The information on their site is an invaluable tool for any fan of the game. Over the past few days I decided to give them a tip for their good work by sponsoring some pages. On the right I have links to 5 different pages that I currently sponsor- Walter Alston, Wilbert Robinson, Jack Fimple, 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers and the 1884 Brooklyn Atlantics.

Alston is the longest term Dodger manager in history. The man who brought the Dodgers their first championship.

Robinson is a Hall of Fame coach of the Dodgers from 1914 to 1931. Simply one of the greats.

Jack Fimple was one of my favorite non-star players. He was an unsung hero who never made it big time, but who's hard work and determination was an inspiration for me and many others. Did you know he broke his hand in a game and still continued to play!

The 1981 World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers is my first and earliest memory of Dodger glory. Also, I have strong and vivid memories of just about every person on that team. They were stacked with Dodger greatness-the famous infield, the catching crew of Scioscia and Yeager, Guerrero, Dusty, Landreaux, Monday, Reggie Smith, Sax, Fernando, Marshall, Candy, Derrel Thomas, Roenicke, Howe, Welch, Hooton, Reuss, Terry Forster... I know this whole damn team!

The 1884 Brooklyn Atlantic is the first Dodger franchise team. The start of something great.

Not In Our Sights?

We got word yesterday that from the LA Times that Luke Hochevar may not be a target for Colletti.
"Do I feel the talent is worth the asking price? I don't agree," he said.
With one week left before we lose his rights, we apparently do not have an offer on the table. We are either playing hardball with Luke and Boras, or will be walking away from the table.
"I want guys that want to play," Colletti said, speaking generally. "If it's all about the money before the game starts, it will always be about the money."
Ned has a point. It's is now in Luke's court. Will he take the ball and proudly wear Blue, or will he choose to go elsewhere. This fan want to know.