Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't Eat The Food

I hope the Dodgers are making sure that the team doesn't enjoy the local cuisine when they visit China next month.
When an American caterer working for the U.S. Olympic Committee went to a supermarket in China last year, he encountered a piece of chicken - half of a breast - that measured 14 inches. "Enough to feed a family of eight," said the caterer

"We had it tested and it was so full of steroids that we never could have given it to athletes... They all would have tested positive."

In recent years, some foods in China have been found to be tainted with insecticides and illegal veterinary drugs, and the standards applied to meat there are lower than those in the United States, raising fears of food-borne illnesses.
Wow! Last thing we need is for every member of the Dodgers to test positive for steroids, or worse.

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Yhea! Saito Remains In Blue

Was there any doubt! Josh with Inside The Dodgers lets us know it's official. He signed a one year deal today.

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Happy About Sweeney

I can't say I'm disappointed in the recent signing of Mark Sweeney to a 1 year deal. After all, we all know the importance of a profession pinch hit at-bat late in the game. Sweeney led the league last year with a total of 24 pinch hits.

BTW, I wanted an excuse to show the pic above because I find it so damn funny. Mark Sweeney is standing with his arms crossed on the top left.

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The Gimmicks Never End

Upper Deck has really outdone themselves. What better way to get people interested in your product then to make some outlandish card that is sure to amuse and offend at the same time. Then, in a mad rush to create an artificial rarity, pull production while making sure a few get out into the public. Barnum & Bailey would be so proud.

Upper Deck, one of the few remaining baseball card manufacturers, has created a special insert set of "Presidential Predictor" cards that parodies the 2008 election field. They are in the new 2008 Baseball wax packs. All the favorites are covered, but one card has received some special attention. The Hillary Clinton Card features her with big breasted baseball heroine Morganna. Remember her? Apparently Upper Deck received a large enough negative response during a informal focus group that they saw the need to pull the card from production.

Right! Are you telling me there wasn't a larger motive, like extending the long line of gimmick cards to drum up interest in collecting again.

Why do the card companies do this? Why not focus on making collecting fun again. Try reducing the pack prices so kids can go to the local store and afford a pack of cards. How about reducing the number of products so collectors can keep track of what's available. Instead, we get a Hillary Morganna card.

Anyway, a handful of the Hillary cards have already made their way to eBay. One card is already up to $1,625.00. Man Alive!

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