Thursday, November 08, 2007

Grey Flannel Auctions: Dodgers Game Used Jerseys

I've never been much of a jersey collector, but I sure would love to be able to put on the jersey above. Grey Flannel has a 900 lot auction currently ongoing that is set to close in early December. Amidst all of the memorabilia you could imagine is a large collection of vintage game-used Dodger jerseys; including the 1951 Jackie Robinson shown above.
“This Dodger jersey, worn by one of the greatest athletes of all time, much less a stellar ball player, bears the script Dodgers brand, which with the New York Yankees is the greatest brand in sports,” company CEO Russek said in a news release. “Figure in the Dodger blue 42 worn by one of the most overall exciting players to wear a uniform and collectors have one of the most cherished pieces that could come to the auction block.”
By my count there are 19 different Dodger jersey lots; including one lot that includes only Dodger pants. It's incredible the things people collect. Available are Dodger heroes such as Claude O'Steen, Jay Johnstone, Pedro Guerrero, Orel Hershiser, Dusty Baker and Don Sutton. Current stars include Jeff Kent, Saito and Russell Martin.

The most intriguing uniform is that of Jesse Orosco's from Spring Training in 1988. It even has the "Vero Beach 40th ANNIVERSARY" patch. As you all probably know, it was Jesse Orosco who pulled off a Spring Training prank on newly signed outfielder Kirk Gibson.
In a celebrated incident on the first day of spring training, Gibson grew enraged when clubhouse prankster Jesse Orosco smeared the sweatband of his cap with eye black, his reaction setting the tone for the professionalism and competitiveness that would fuel the Los Angeles' pennant drive.
They didn't just win the pennant that year. They became World Champions. I wonder if Jesse was wearing this uniform when Gibson went into his tirade.
One of the more unique items in the auction is the below turnstile from Dodger Stadium. Imagine coming home every night and seeing this. Every day could be like going to Dodger Stadium.
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