Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Strasburg Mania is Here

This has been all over the collector blog community and last night it hit national news on Yahoo. This is crazy, just crazy. The Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps Bowman Chrome Superfractor "1 of 1" is currently on eBay and has over 80 bids. It is currently at a price that could buy you a decently shaped Mickey Mantle rookie card or a new Chrysler PT Cruiser. I'm not kidding! As of this writing it is already at $15,900.00.

A kid who has yet to throw a pitch in the Majors has a rookie card selling for thousands of dollars.

It remains to be seen if his performance on the field will equal the prices of his cards, but I think it is safe to say that Strasburgmania is in full swing.


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  2. That Strasburg card was featured on the Dodgers pre-game show on Tuesday (KCAL 9). They also showed an Eric Karros card. I believe they are going to talk about that Strasburg card again during this coming Friday's pregame show on KCAL 9. The eBay auction for that card will end on Saturday. I'm sure tons of people will be watching that auction as it winds down.


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