Thursday, September 14, 2006

eBay: House of David

This item closed earlier this week at a great price. Since the seller of this item did a great job describing the broadside and the team I will quote directly from the auction.
This is a multi color broadside poster, and as you know this is much more rare then the single color type. Also they feature several pictures of the individual players. There are large images of Tally, Fleming, Tucker and Atwell at the top, and then below are action shots of Doc Tally, John Fleming, and a close up of George Anderson.
For those of you who are not familiar with the House of David baseball team let me give you a bit of historical information. The team toured the country performing exhibition games not unlike the Harlem Globetrotters. They challenged the local teams, were the first to integrate with the black league teams, first to sign a professional contract with a female athlete, Jackie Mitchel in 1933, and they were the pioneers of Night Light Baseball! This is illustrated in the upper picture on the poster! The "Israelites club" or "Jesus' Boys" as Satchel Paige used to refer to them set out from Benton Harbor, Michigan and were famous for their long hair and winning records! ... Mary and Benjamin Purnell founded the Seventh Church at the Latter-Day, Israelite House of David, and the Baseball team came into being somewhere around 1913 or 1914. Some of the more colorful players were: Walter "Dutch" Faust, Jesse Lee "Doc" Tally, Dwight "Zeke" Baushke, David Harrison, Paul Mooney, John Tucker, Percy Walker, George "Andy" Anderson, Frank Wyland, and Austin "Tex" Williams.
Their 19 year old female pitcher, Babe Diedrikson, helped them defeat the National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals 8 to 6 at Sportsman's Park.
This was used to advertise the House of David Baseball team visit to Kelso Washington in the early to mid 1930's I believe. The last date cited on the poster that I could see was 1933.

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