Monday, September 27, 2010

60th Anniversary Topps 2011 Cards

If you frequent card/ hobby blogs then you already know that the Topps 60th Anniversary 2011 set design has already been unveiled. I think its design is very clean and crisp, and as long as the photography is as sharp as the Pujols above then I'm sure collectors will enjoy it. Not only that, I suspected they will create some pretty nice inserts to celebrate the milestone. See that base card design above. Go to Topps facebook page for more pics here.

For us Dodger fans we wonder, "how about some Boys in Blue?" Well, none of the current roster players are featured, but there are some old-timers nicely displayed in the below sell sheet unveiled today on dbj610's Baseball Card Blog. Go to his blog for a look at what will be coming for next season. Click the pic to enlarge it.
As for special inserts, for their diamond anniversary each base card will have a "1 of 1" parallel, called Diamond Collection, embedded with an actual diamond. How's that for fancy?

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