Monday, September 27, 2010

For Sale

Over the past couple of weeks I have decided to make a more concerted effort to go through my collection in order to pare away items that really don't fit with my collecting interest anymore or are doubles of what I already have. As many of you collectors know, it can be easy to find your collecting den filled sky-high with things you never really intended to keep or buy in the first place, but somehow they found their way into your hands. Of course, at one time they were cherished, but now you can't help but wonder what you were thinking.

Well, I'm at that point and I figure I could sell some of them in hope of using the dough to spend on other things or to expand my collection in a more focused manner- at least that is what I am telling myself. So, please go to my "FOR SALE" link here or on the top right of this blog to check out what I am selling. Everything is postpaid and I don't mind receiving offers.

You'll see everything from T5 cabinets, 19th Century Baseball trade cards, 100+ year old vintage cards, boxing and much much more. I'll be sure to add more over the coming days and weeks so feel free to check back often. Thanks.

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