Wednesday, February 12, 2020

My 2020 FanFest Afternoon -- I Took a Tour of the Pavilion Construction

It's been nearly three weeks since the Dodgers FanFest was held in the Dodgers parking lot, and I'm only now putting up some of my pics. So, I apologize for the delay.

As you may know, the afternoon was filled with sunshine, plenty of Dodger fervor and lines galore... Like, there was a long line for everything. So long, in fact, I found myself wondering around rather than queuing up with the throng of masses. That said, I was able to check out a bunch of events -- including taking a stadium tour of the construction being done in the outfield pavilion. In fact, a majority of this post will feature photos from that tour.

BTW, for a look back at my past post of this event check out the links below.  There are plenty of photos to look through, and links to other sites with their stories and photos.

And now, below are my photos. Click on any pic to embiggen. 

The tables below with the memorabilia was a part of the Dodgers Garage Sale that they hold every year, and the lines are obnoxiously long. The wait must have easily been a couple of hours long, so I didn't bother to wait around for it.

Too bad, too... I really wanted a couple of those $20 lids. The bobbleheads you see were way overpriced.

Here is the main stage featuring the Dodgers chatting up the crowd. You can see Chris Taylor in the photo on the bottom right.

I thought this was a cool moment. Below is Edwin Rios interacting with fans who were in line for something else -- a bonus meeting that I'm sure the fans were very happy with.

And now here's a closer look at the construction in the pavilions. I'll do my best to recall everything that was discussed.

Below is a view from the reserve level, looking out towards the outfield.

Here is where the 'hard hat' stadium tour begins.

We first got a little look at the new elevators being completed on the reserve level. As you can see there will be two elevators -- at both the right and left field areas.

Below is look at those elevators at ground level (left below) and the construction happening in the area behind the right field bullpen.

Here is a look at what the construction looks like from up top.

And now more pics from ground level -- in the visitors bullpen.

Notice above how there's three levels in the photo above? You've got the ground level, there'll be a level above that for fans to mill about in an air conditioned space (on the same level as the bar setup in the pavilion), and then there will be a level above that (on par with the top of the seating section in the pavilions). Best yet, the area you are looking at will have a window to allow fans to look into the bullpen. BTW, this area underneath the pavilions will be entirely enclosed, will consist of bars and televisions and will be air conditioned -- the only air conditioned general admission area in the stadium.

Here is a look into the players bullpen lookout.

Here are some views of the outfield areas.

This area below is just outside of the gate in left field. As you can see, they are adding an new escalator.

Lastly, our tour guide made note of something I didn't know. The club level seats in left field have original wooden seats from 1963 - the only place in the stadium with these. See them below.

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