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My 2017 Dodgers FanFest Recap - Photos and Links

I had thought the day would be cold and windy.  Instead, a record crowd of nearly 30,000 fans experienced the FanFest in the best possible way.  It was bright and shiny, and hardly a gust of shivering cold was felt.  It proved to be a perfect Southern California day, and an fantastic segue to the upcoming Baseball season.

I was unable, unfortunately, to secure any autographs from the sessions sold online.  I tried, but all of the sessions I wanted sold out quickly.  Thankfully, the Interactive History at the Pop-Up Museum hosted by Maury Wills was open.  So I attended that VIP Experience, and plan on writing a separate post of the event. Stay tuned for that.  (UPDATE: Here is a link to my post on the museum tour.)

Before I show you all of my pics from FanFest, I thought I would provide links to some other sites that include some great photos, videos and recaps from the afternoon.  Check them out below:
  • Photos:  A bunch of pics taken by Dodger photographers Jon SooHoo and Jill Weisleder at the FanFest (link here).
  • AM 570 Sports Radio provides a full recap of all the interviews they put together during the FanFest.  Go here to check them all out. 
  • YouTube Video:  Pantone294 shares a vlog at the 2017 Dodgers FanFest.  They set up a table at the event for the first time (link here).
  • Cat Loves the Dodgers shares her afternoon at the Dodgers FanFest; including the autograph she received and the food she ate (link here).
  • Eric Stephen at True Blue LA shares some highlights from the 2017 Dodgers FanFest; "Dodgers notes: Logan Forsythe, Yasmani Grandal, Alex Wood, World Baseball Classic & more: Highlights from Fan Fest."
  • Cary Osborne at Dodger Insider shares an interview with newest Dodger Logan Forsythe from the FanFest (link here).
  • Gabe Burns at Dodgers Nation collects a bunch of pics from FanFest that were shared on social media (link here).
  • YouTube Video:  Hall of Fame Baseball Cards shares a video from the VIP Press Conference with manager Dave Roberts and new second baseman, Logan Forsythe at the 2017 Dodgers FanFest (link here).  
  • YouTube Video:  TONY Dee has put up a bunch of videos from the 2017 Dodgers FanFest.  There's too many to link individually, so here is a link for his YouTube channel. 
  • YouTube Video:  Gabriella Lizaola shares a vlog from the 2017 Dodgers FanFest (link here).  
  • YouTube Video:  Cristobal Vasquez shares a vlog from the 2017 Dodgers FanFest (link here).
  • YouTube Video:  alexsince2k shares a vlog from the 2017 Dodgers FanFest (link here). 
  • YouTube Video:  DynamicDuo 2 shares a vlog at the 2017 Dodgers FanFest (link here).
  • Dodger Blue blog has put up a bunch of interviews they recorded of various Dodger players at FanFest:
  •  Interview with Logan Forsythe (link here)
If I missed any post from the day please let me know.  I would like to include as many of them as possible.

BTW, for a look back at my past post of this event check out the links below.  There are plenty of photos to look through, and links to other sites with their stories and photos.
And now, below are the rest of my photos. Click on any pic to embiggen.

This years FanFest was setup just like in years past.  Autographs, the social media tent, the interview stage and various kids activities were found on the Dodger Stadium field.  For the first time; however, a large section of the parking lot (in Lot G directly behind the outfield pavilions) was closed off to include even more activities for the kids.  Below are a couple pics from this area.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

Here is a peak at the setup on the field.

You can see a couple pics from the RBI Baseball 2017 Corey Seager announcement below.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any autographs, but here are a couple of pics of the autograph lines below.  In the below left photo are Adam Liberatore and newest Dodger Logan Forsythe preparing to sign at their table.

I even briefly walked the bases.

Here's a look at the stage.  On the left is Joc Pederson, and on the right is Julio Urias and Kenta Maeda.

Here's a look at the bobblehead display in the leftfield concourse area.

And here are some game-used bats found in the rightfield concourse area.

In the leftfield bullpen the Dodgers held their "Pitch Like a Pro" VIP Experience.  Below you can see Alex Wood helping out a couple kids.

In the rightfield bullpen was the media area.  As you can see below Corey Seager is surrounded by an eager media.

Fernando Valenzuela is getting the same treatment below.

Lastly, I made only one purchase at the FanFest.  Below is a Dodgers equipment bag that I snagged during the Dodgers Foundation Yard Sale.  It has been well-used and is filled with dirt on the inside.  I suspect it might have been a rosin or ball bag used by the team.  I think it will look fantastic in a shelf display.

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