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Blog Kiosk: 1/31/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Yesterday afternoon the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association honored Vin Scully during their 26th Annual Awards luncheon. He is their first recipient of the newly renamed Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Photo above via Dodgers photographer Jill Weisleder on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1941 the Dodgers signed future Hall of Famer Paul Waner to a free agent contract.  In 1972 former Brooklyn Dodger players Rube Marquard (known mostly as a Giant) and Dave Bancroft (also mostly a Giant) were selected by an Hall of Fame Special Veterans Committee for enshrinement.  In 2003 the Dodgers signed free agent pitcher Wilson Alvarez.  In 2005 the Dodgers signed pitcher Scott Erickson as a free agent. 
  • Happy Birthday, Ted Power, Stuffy Stewart & Jackie Robinson!
  • I would like to extend a hearty Blue Heaven congratulations to Dodger Insider writer Jon Weisman.  As you may have heard, the esteemed Dodger Thoughts writer has decided to move on to bigger things.  He is leaving the team to become the Vice President of Corporate Public Relations for Showtime.  His consistent and daily writings on the game, the team and life will be sorely missed.  Fortunately, he isn't likely to disappear entirely.  He promises to still be active on twitter (link here) and on his old blog at Dodger Thoughts (link here).  Additionally, he announced that he is working on a new Dodgers book.
  • Huh... Apparently a couple blog posts (one by Daniel Brim at Dodgers Digest, and another by Oscar Martinez at LA Dodger Report) has gotten a bunch of folks in a tizzy.  They both address the current political situation over President Trump's recent Muslim ban that is embroiling much of the nation, and go about explaining it in the context a Dodger fan can understand.  Both are worth your time to check out.  For the record, I too am miffed at these recent actions by our President, and I remain hopeful that things can only get better.  Of course, I will be ever-vigilant should that optimism prove false. 
  • Video:  MLB Network ranks Corey Seager of the Dodgers as the best shortstop in the game right now (link here).
  • Per Sam Dykstra at MiLB.com; "Toolshed: Bellinger rises above on defense."
Bellinger himself defines the role of a good defensive first baseman pretty simply: the guy who makes everyone else's job easier.

"For me, it comes down to saving errors, keeping innings shorter," he said. "For pitchers, if you can save them a couple throws over or even a couple pitches with all they do, that can be big. Really though, if I can keep everything in front of me and dig out a few balls, then I've done my job."
  • Last week the Dodgers DFA's reliever Carlos Frias to make room for Logan Forsythe.  Not surprisingly, yesterday afternoon they traded Frias to the Indians for cash or a player to be named later.  
  • Apparently, Chase Utley is looking over several offers and is expected to make a decision soon.  Several Dodgers, including Corey Seager, are hopeful for his return.
  • As you know, the Dodgers recently renovated their Campo Las Palmas Facility (Baseball Academy) in the Dominican Republic.  Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo was there for the grand opening and shares a bunch of great pics.  Go here to check them all out.
  • Via the Daily Titan (CSU, Fullerton); "Titan Baseball raises over 125K in fundraiser, alumni upset current Titans."
The Titan baseball program raised over $125,000 this weekend as it welcomed keynote speaker Mike Scioscia, manager of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, to its annual Dinner with the Titans event Friday.
“(CSUF’s) tradition helps in recruiting and it’s such a great baseball area that they just manage to keep getting the top-tier players that keep making this program great,” Scioscia told the Daily Titan. “They’re well coached and they play the game the right way and they’ve got a lot of tradition here.”
  • Blowout Buzz provides an early sneak peek at Topps 2017 Finest Baseball card set; including the Corey Seager card on the right.  This set is slated to be released on June 7th.  Go here to check out more pics.
  • Per Night Owl Cards; "Fernando the Foodie."  Night Owl talks Fernando, his penchant for eating and the various food-related Baseball cards with him on them.
  • JayBee Anama at bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog makes a distressing discovery.  For the first time since 1971 a Topps flagship Baseball card set will not include full career stats on the reverse.  Wha...? 
  • I'm passing this along without further comment.  Via Jeff Pearlman at his blog; "The eerie parallels between President Trump and USFL owner Trump."
  • Blowout Buzz also provides an early look at Topps 2017 Stadium Club set; including the Seager and Clayton Kershaw cards below.  This set comes out on June 28th.  Go here to check out more pics.

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