Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My 2019 FanFest Day -- With Pics and Links

The Dodgers FanFest has come and gone, and like in past years there was plenty of fans in attendance, a lot to do and lines everywhere. Heck, it would be entirely appropriate to just call this event the Dodgers LineFest. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that a majority of fans enjoyed the spectacle more than it annoyed them.

There were some minor tweaks to this years FanFest. The kid friendly activities (slides, wall climbing, etc.) were placed in the parking lot area instead of on the playing field, like in past years. Also, we were introduced to this coming seasons slogan -- "LA Bleeds Blue".

Before I share the rest of my pics, I thought I thought I would provide links to some other sites that include some great photos and recaps from the afternoon.  If I missed anything please let me know. Check them out below:
There are also a ton of great videos on YouTube to check out. Below is just a sampling of what's available. If there is a video you think I should be listing below please let me know.

BTW, for a look back at my past post of this event check out the links below.  There are plenty of photos to look through, and links to other sites with their stories and photos.
And now, below are my photos. Click on any pic to embiggen. 

I  mentioned earlier that there were lines throughout the event, but no line was longer than the Dodgers Yard Sale. When I first entered the gates I had every intention of hitting up the Yard Sale first. Unfortunately, by the time I got there the lines was more than full, and reports I heard said that the wait was as long as three hours. THREE HOURS!

Unsurprisingly, I immediately abandoned any thoughts of the sale.

So, I dutifully decided to walked around a bit and settled on purchasing a couple of Mystery Bag autographed baseballs -- And thank goodness I did.

For quite some time I had badly wanted an autographed Yasiel Puig ball, but refused to pay the exorbitant prices they can command. So, imagine my elation when the first ball I pulled was his autographed Baseball. Woo Hoo! Following that was a signed ball from Derrel Thomas -- who I also don't have on a baseball. See both of them below.

I also decided to check out that little nook, by the elevators on the field level, where they sell game-used items and autographed pics, and discovered what I believe were the best deals of the entire FanFest. They were blowing out team issued jerseys, pants and batting helmets at discount prices. Jerseys (most of which were team issued, but never game worn) were priced at $60 a piece, or $100 for two. Pants sold at $20 a pop and batting helmets were $40.

Seeing these prices I immediately jumped at picking up a 2017 World Series team issued Rick Honeycutt jersey and a batting helmet. Check out the Honeycutt jersey above. BTW, I regret not getting a second jersey; as I was also eyeing several team issued 2018 World Series jerseys. As for the batting helmet I decided to focus my attention on the newer hats with the LA logo 3-D emblem. Check it out below.

The jersey and helmet above are also MLB certified, so I had to check them out online. In doing so, I discovered that the batting helmet is attributed to Julio Urias. Unfortunately, this cannot be true, and must be an error. As you can see, the helmet I purchased is a right-handed helmet, and Urias is a left-handed batter.

So, why was it described as Urias' batting helmet?

I think I know the answer.

When you look at the inside you can see a number #7 marking. As you know, this is Julio's number and must be the reason he was linked to it. Clearly, though, the #7 exist to tell folks that it's a size 7 helmet.

Nevertheless, I thought I would have a little bit of fun with this mistake. For this FanFest I had purchased only one autograph ticket, and it was for the "TBD" player later in the afternoon. I had initial hopes that newly signed AJ Pollock would be the signer, but instead it ended up being Julio Urias. So, I decided to have Urias sign the helmet. See it on the right.

And that was pretty much it. I had a couple of Dodger Dogs, a slice of one of Tommy's pizza's and a couple of cokes. I also picked up a handful of giveaways like a lanyard and a cup sleeve.

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  1. Very cool post, Ernest! I would've loved to have met up with you to at least say hi. Love the pictures and thanks for including a link to my blog post, much appreciated!


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