Thursday, August 12, 2010

What the... ?????

I don't know what to say. This was a crushing loss. At this point in the season we can't continue to lose like this.

Broxton was horrible- just plain horrible. Belisario was no better. On a night the recently feeble Dodger offense scores an amazing 9 runs we find a way to lose. Dammit! A 7 run lead was flushed down the toilet.

This season is perilously close to being over.

There isn't much that could assuage my anger and frustration right now.

Bark in the Park

As you may already know, the Dodgers are having a Dog in the Park Day at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, August 21st. To promote it they got a skateboarding Steve Garvey to do a video with Tillman the skateboarding dog. It's pretty good- check it out here. Go here for details.

Tommy Fears the Needle

I saw this photo linked by Tommy on twitter a couple of days ago.

That's the look I have when I think about the Dodger season so far.

SteinerSports: Dodger Auction Items

Steiner Sports is running an auction that includes some Dodgers. They feature a whole host of autographed photos of Clayton Kershaw and Kirk Gibson, among others. The highlight, though, are the autos of the greatest left-hander around, Sandy Koufax.

A determined and persistent fan can get an auto of just about anyone, but something signed by Sandy is another story. He is rarely in the public eye. Not only that, Steiner has a great reputation for authenticity.

Isotopes Etherton Card

Here is Seth Etherton's Isotopes Autograph Session card, #4.

Seth has been around for a long time. He is a local boy who played for Dana Hills High School and USC- helping the Trojans win the College World Series in 1998. Drafted by Anaheim in 1998, he came up for them a couple of years later in 2000. Etherton went 5-1 with a 5.52 ERA as a starter. After that season he was traded to Cincinnati for a short stop prospect named Wilmy Caceres (he would never make it to the show). From there, he would miss nearly two seasons due to shoulder surgery.

Afterwards, Seth would bounce around a bit in the minors with a couple of more stints in the show and a short stay with the Kia Tigers of the Korean Baseball Organization. From my understanding, a strange stomach illness ended his stay in Korea. I guess he didn't like the Kimchi. Another arm surgery, a successful short run with the Long Beach Armada and a full season with the Diamondbacks AAA club led him to Albuquerque where he has started 13 games going 4-4 with a 4.17 ERA.

There is something to be said about a man who continues to battle in Baseball. Even as he comes closer to the middle ages of his life he still has the determination, the grit and a love for the game that drives him to compete.

A Brooklyn Vintage Postcard

Here is a vintage 1906 Sporting Life postcard of the Brooklyn Baseball Club. It is identical to the much larger team composites put out the same year. Below is the entire postcard with enough space to write a note on the front to the sendee.

Several years back I ran across one of these at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Anaheim. It was in just as nice condition and was graded by SGC- a favored card grading company for vintage cards in the hobby. I took a good look at it and tried to barter the guy down from his $300.00 price tag. Unfortunately, he held firm. So, I decided to walk away from the card. Of course, remorse set by the end of the afternoon so I headed back to the table to find that he had already sold it. Oh well!