Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday Dodger Videos

Here are some Dodger related videos to help you pass the winter months.

CNBC talks about the Dodger sale- 11/2/2011

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Steve Garvey joins Mark Willard and Mychal Thompson for a legendary lunch at Morton's the Steakhouse in Woodland Hills to discuss his playing days with the Boys in Blue, the downfall of the Dodgers and his potential to takeover the Dodgers' ownership.

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Here is a video from the rally at Dodger Stadium celebrating McCourt's announcement about his intention to sell the team.

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Dodgers Pics on Twitter

I feel exhausted. What else can you do to wind down after a week filled with Dodger news then to check out twitter for some Dodger pics? Here are some of my favorites.

Who is sporting their brand new Dodger Skeechers? Well it's Tommy Lasorda, of course.

Here is an adorable Dee Gordon.

Spiderman, Javy Guerra, is seen here celebrating his birthday with his Nephew on Halloween.

These next 2 pics from twitter are from Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts. As you can see, he was at the 1981 Dodgers Reunion show at Frank & Sons this past Saturday. BTW, if anyone has more pics from this weekend event, please pass them along. I'd love to post them up. Below, Ron Cey is signing a pic right next to a 1981 World Series trophy.
(Pic Link: @DodgerThoughts twitter)

Dusty Baker appears to be taking a short break.

Blog Kiosk: 11/6/2011

Matt Kemp at the Daily Carson shoot, via Facebook.
  • He was far too young. RIP Bob Forsch. Via
  • A settlement in the Bryan Stow lawsuit may be at hand, via ESPN.
  • Dodgers assistant GM DeJon Watson has withdrawn his name from Orioles GM search, via ESPN.
  • Need any more signs that McCourt is heading out of town for good. He is now entertaining offers for the LA Marathon, via LA Times.
  • Dodgers deal is a victory for Selig, and a warning for other teams, via SI.
  • Dennis Gilbert is getting a lot of attention as a potential new owner of the team. Here is a Daily News story. LA Weekly. Sporting News. Chicago Tribune. Fox Sports.
  • Check Gary Cypres's collection of Babe Ruth items. From Yahoo.

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