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Blog Kiosk: 12/13/2009

Too much drama. I just can't stand it.
  • Here's a great story about what else happens at the Winter Meetings.
  • A fond farewell to the best and most popular card collecting blog around, Wax Heaven. Hopefully you'll still post from time to time.
  • A great new tradition has been created in hockey and it is the Winter Hockey Classic. This time around it will be at Fenway Park. Below is a artist rendition made by the NHL showing what it may look like. BTW, check out the video below for a live webcam of Fenway Park as they prepare the field for the hockey game.
  • The moon in color.
    This color mosaic was assembled from 18 images taken by Galileo's imaging system through a green filter.
  • What Earth would look like with rings like Saturn.

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A Monumental Dodgers Night at the Kings Game

The Kings are in first place. Yes, you heard that right. The team than has been in rebuilding mode for what seems like an eternity is finally seeing the fruits of their labor come to fruition. And there was no better night than Saturday night for the team to take their place at the top.

It was Dodger Night at the Staple Center as the Kings faced off against the Dallas Stars. Eric Karros dropped the opening puck to start the game and former Dodgers Bobby Castillo and Ken Landreaux were on hand to sign for the fans.

I haven't been much of an autograph hound in the past, but since I would already be there I decided to go to the game with a baseball to get some signatures.
The line was short and I was able to get a group photo with the former Dodger stars. As pre-game events go this was easily the best of the year. The game couldn't start any better.Unfortunately, the Kings didn't play their best game. They were sluggish and not in tune, but managed to keep it close. Like many games last season for the Dodgers, the Kings came out and struggled, but found a way to win due to some game ending heroics. They scrambled and held on to tie the Stars, 2 to 2, to end regulation and overtime play. Then, they went to a shoot out and won as winger Michael Handzus potted the winning goal in the 4th round.

This put them in a virtual tie at 45 points, but makes them the division leader due to tie-breaking rules. So, on a night when my beloved Dodgers are represented the Kings end the evening winning in dramatic fashion, and claim 1st place. This Dodger fan/Kings fan couldn't imagine a better evening.

Below is a video I shot of the Kings pregame Happy Holidays video and light show.

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UPDATE: Orel at the Sons of Steve Garvey was kind enough to link to this post (Roberto at Vin Scully is My Homeboy also linked here), but also adds some great photos of the event from the Dodgers here. The Dodger photo album of the event is here. Below is the ceremonial face-off.(photos by Juan Ocampo/Dodgers)