Thursday, September 10, 2009

Legendary Photo Auction: Dodgers Galore

Legandary Auctions just started a new auction and it features some incredible photography. You should really just check it out and window shop. Most of the pics are press photos. There is so much here I think I will just break it up into a couple of post.

Below is Maury Wills in front of 104 bases.

What a great pic of Sandy Koufax facing off against Roberto Clemente. It looks like Roberto popped it up, or took a mighty swing and missed.

Jackie Robinson in his UCLA basketball uniform.

Here is an aerial view of a 70,000 capacity filled Yankee Stadium for game 1 of the 1950 World Series.

Roy Campanella meets Eddie Mathews in this 1953 United Press photo.

Drysdale in a upward gaze.

Dodger Correspondence: Al Epperly

Al Epperly had quite an amazing professional career. He played pro-ball for 17 seasons and had two stints in the Majors with the Dodgers and Cubs. The crazy thing is that his Major League appearances were 12 years apart. He played for Chicago in 1938, and then the Dodgers in 1950. His letter below explains it a bit.
I think the greatest thrill in Baseball was winning my first start in the Major Leagues on my nineteenth birthday in 1938. I was with the Chicago Cubs and beat the Phillies 21 to 2.

My second was in 1951 with the St. Paul ball club in the American Association when I won 21 games and lost 5. This took in the whole season and the playoffs. All these games were as a relief pitcher.

After hurting my arm in 1938 and re-injuring it badly in 1941 I was told I would never pitch again. I started pitching underhanded and had several good years as a relief pitcher until I quit after the 1954 season.
He taught himself how to pitch again and found himself back in the show.
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