Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog Kiosk: 6/27/2010

It's still too early to be worried about the Dodgers.
  • Bob Lemke makes his own fantasy 1955 Bowman Sandy Koufax card.
  • The Duke signs in the mail and a commenter shares a great personal story about Snider at 30-yr Old Cardboard.
  • The "Don't Stop Believing" guy gets the last laugh, It's Time for Dodger Baseblog.
  • New Mexico fan shares some awesome Isotopes created large size cards. How can I get me some of these?
  • I am continually amazed at not only the cards, but the biographies Gary Joseph Cieradkoski writes about each player. Check out his recent Victor Starffin creation- who I count as one of the more fascinating players from Japanese Baseball.
  • Trader Crack's opens up a couple of packs of Toy Story 3 cards with his kids on Father's Day.
  • Gellman at SCU has a run down on other high priced Strasburg cards.
  • Cardboard Junkie shares some 2010 World Cup Panini Stickers.
  • A left field pavilion usher does a dance.

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