Thursday, December 30, 2010

eBay: Laughlin Gil Hodges

Here is a card I had heard of, but had never actually seen an example of. This is a 1973 Laughlin Super Stand-Ups of Gil Hodges. They were produced by sports artist R. G. Laughlin and typically measure 7" x 11". The auction description states that this piece is slightly larger at 8.5" x 12". It is the scarcest of all the different Laughlin set produced in the 70's. There are only 12 different players in the set, and only one other Dodger is represented- Sandy Koufax. My 2002 card guide list this Hodges card at $45.00, but considering its scarcity I bet it would sell for much more at a show or auction. The price of this item on eBay is a little rich in my opinion. Of interesting note, these cards were originally sold individually at $3.50 a piece.

Happy 75th Birthday Sandy!

The great Dodger pitcher, known as the Left Arm of God, is turning 75 today. Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax! As you know, he just signed an autograph deal with Topps for their 2011 Baseball sets. So, there will be plenty of cards and memorabilia coming soon. Check out my original story here. For those less inclined to click the link here is a rundown of what sets Topps has already announced he will be signing for. I'm sure more will be announced soon.
2011 Topps Baseball Series 1: Koufax will be added to the 60th Anniversary Autographs
2011 Topps Heritage: Real One Autograph (This is the card above)
2011 Topps Tribute: Koufax Auto Relics