Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Blog Kiosk: 8/21/2018 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

What a killjoy.

Just as Dodger nation rejoiced at Jansen's return, we get rocked by a performance that was less than stellar. Per Alden Gonzalez at ESPN:
"Everything was flat," Jansen said, his Dodgers now 2½ games back in the National League West while in fifth place in the wild-card standings. "As I faced hitters, it started to get better. But the first two hitters, I wasn't in my comfort zone. I was battling with myself."
Kenley, who entered a tie game in the ninth inning, yielded two solo homers on his first three pitches to take the loss, 5-3. Per Ken Gurnick at MLB.com:
"The first two hitters, I wasn't in my comfort zone," Jansen said. "I think I tried to maybe be amped up to be back and try hard and everything flattened out. I definitely didn't come back too soon. Stuff happens, but you've got to move forward. Tomorrow, if I have a shot, same hitters, I'm looking forward to it."
Ugh! Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 1970 the Dodgers signed amateur free agent infielder Jerry Royster out of Sacramento High School. He would be traded five years later to Atlanta as part of a package for Dusty Baker, and go on to have a ten-year career with the Braves. In 1975 the Cubs pitching brothers of Rick and Paul Reuschel combine to shutout the Dodgers, 7-0. In 1990 the Dodgers lost a tough one. Against the Phillies they allowed nine runs to score in the ninth inning to lose the game, 12-11. You can watch highlights of this shameful game here.
  • Happy BirthdayWoody WilliamsShawn HillegasJohn WettelandCraig CounsellIsmael Vald├ęz & Jesse Chavez!