Monday, July 05, 2010

In Memory of the Brooklyn Dodgers

Here is a vintage wallet card found on eBay. I really hate Yankee fans.

In Memory of


(Better known as the "BUMS")

Moidered by


In Their Own Back Yard

October 10, 1956

It will be very apporpriate for all good Dodger fans to go into mourning for the next 90 days by shutting up their big Yaps.

2010 Allen & Ginters: N43's

Here are a couple of more Dodger inserts in the Allen & Ginter set. Below is a large sized box loader of Andre Ethier.

Andre Ethier, #N43B7
There is also a scarce box loader of Matt Kemp with a relic game-used piece attached. Unfortunately, I haven't seen one yet. It is numbered N43BR-MK.

Below is the only non-drawn card subset in the entire Allen & Ginter line. These are limited to 50 each, and only one Dodger is represented in the 5 card offering. This subset is called MLB Logo Man Continuity Program.

Matt Kemp, #LM-49