Monday, November 14, 2011

A Busy Dodger Monday

Mon-O-Live! On the day I have jury duty the Dodgers get busy by, seemingly, closing in on a couple of key signings for the upcoming season.

First, the Dodgers appears to have filled their vacancy at second base.
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Mark Ellis has been on a bit of a decline, but he should be a serviceable infielder with a reputation for good defense. He only hit .248 last year, but did see his average increase mid-season when he was dealt to Colorado. Of course, in Colorado's thin air an improved batting average should not be a surprise.

Here are his stats:

Now here is the big news. It appears that the Dodger troubles outside of the diamond will not hamper their ability to sign a long term deal for one of their franchise players. Matt Kemp will stay a Dodger for a long time.
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As Steve Dilbeck notes,
"the contract does not have to be approved by the bankruptcy court, though a creditor could raise an objection."
I would be willing to bet this does not happen. The good feelings this signing provides the fans would instantly turn on a dime against any objecting creditor.

Heck, the deal is so done even Dee Gordon chirps in with his congratulations to "The Bison."
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I like how quickly Colletti is filling out the team. Instead of leaving us hanging all winter we get some certainty.

Hunt Auctions: Some Dodger Goodies

Just closed was Hunt Auctions 8th Annual Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Auction, and it included a handful of great Dodger collectibles.

Roy Campanella was quite an entrepreneur. He helped start a chicken farm with his father after winning 1400 chicks as a member of the Nashua Dodgers farm club. Campanella also had his own line of bourbon whiskey called Campy's Old Peg. Check out a vintage unopened bottle below. This 60+ year old bottle sold for $2,700.00.

Hunt's continues its partnership with Baseball Assistance Team to offer 2011 MLB Home Run Derby autographed jerseys. This MAtt Kemp jersey sold for $475.00.

Kershaw's jersey sold for $475.00.

Andre Ethier's jersey sold for $300.00.