Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 10/22/2011

Fernando Valenzuela with Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia. (Pic Link: yfrog Dodgers)
  • Lasorda's Lair explains why the Dodgers are better off now after the McCourt divorce settlement.
  • MLB FanCave Dream Job is back again for another season in 2012. Find out more here.
  • Casey Blake mulling his Baseball future, vis Des Moines Register. (Hat Tip: VSIMH)
  • Jeff Kent, Best of the Graybeards, 40 and up. Via True Blue LA.
  • Check out William's incredible autographed Baseball from Carl Erskine at Foul Bunt.
  • The Kings are getting Gamified! Check it all out here.
  • Japanese pitching sensation, Yu Darvish, is still undecided about coming to America, via MLB Trade Rumors.
  • Wayne Gretzky turned down job offers from the Oilers and Kings, via NBC.
    “Edmonton and Los Angeles have been really great to me and I have a nice relationship with both Kevin [Lowe] and the Oilers and obviously Dean Lombardi and the Kings, and I’m really honest with them. Right now, it’s not the time for me to jump back into the game.”
  • There is a twitter account that narrates WWII in 1939 in real time- 72 years later. Check it out here.
  • Oh Yhea! Kings Ice Girls. Check out the photo shoot for their calendar below.

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Daily Conlon: 361 through 369

Okay, maybe this isn't quite coming to you the daily, but hey, cut me some slack. These are todays Daily Conlon cards that are numbered 361 through 369, and it features 9 more no-hitters. This time the Dodgers are featured on two cards, but not for the reason you would hope for. A Dodger pitcher didn't throw a no-no. Instead, we were the victims of a couple of no-hitters.

Click on any of the pics to embiggen.