Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Vin Scully Memorabilia Checklist - Records, Magazine Covers and Stadium Giveaways

I decided to spend a little bit of time trying to catalog all the different Vin Scully memorabilia items that exist out there.

As you may know, a few years back I attempted to do this with his various Baseball cards, postcards and Union 76 giveaways (see that original post here), but always felt is was incomplete.  After all, there is a bunch of other stuff I neglected to include; such as his records, magazines and Dodger Stadium giveaways.  Hopefully, the below listing takes care of that.  Unfortunately, I doubt this is entirely complete.  For instance, there's got to be more magazine covers featuring the Hall of Fame broadcaster than what I have shown here.  If you happen to know of other items please let me know. 

Furthermore, I am planning an additional post focused solely on the 1966 Union 76 twelve-record 33 1/3 RPM set featuring Vin Scully interviews with 24 different players and team executives.  I made mention of it in my post a few years back. but didn't provide a lot of details back then.

So, without further adieu, here is a listing of Vin Scully related records, magazine covers and stadium giveaways.  I will, of course, updated this post when new items come to my attention.


Dodgers '59 Record
The Season's Most Thrilling Moments as Reported on KMPC by Vin Scully


Jackie Barnett Presents the Sound of the Dodgers Record

Blog Kiosk: 9/27/2016 - Dodgers Links - AGon Won his Bet and More Vin Scully

I just love this photo of our rookie shortstop and MVP candidate Corey Seager taking batting practice within the bowels of Dodger Stadium. 

"It's Time For October Baseball," indeed.

The photo was shared yesterday afternoon by NikeLA on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 1951 future baketball Hall of Famer Bill Sharman was a prospect for the Dodgers.  On this day he was thrown out of the game, along with 14 other teammates, for "bench-jockeying" after a close play at home.  He would never get a chance to play a Major League game, and thus became the only player to be ejected from a game without ever appearing in one.  In 1961 Sandy Koufax struck out seven Phillies batters to pass Christy Mathewson's National League record for strike outs at 269.  Mathewson struck out 267 batters in 1903.  In 1993 Mike Piazza broke the Los Angeles Dodgers record for home runs at 34.  In 2000 the Team USA Baseball team, skippered by Tommy Lasorda, beat the overwhelming favorites Cubans ballclub to win the gold medal in the Olympics.
  • Happy Birthday, Vicente Padilla and Jon Garland!