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A Vin Scully Memorabilia Checklist - Records, Magazine Covers and Stadium Giveaways

I decided to spend a little bit of time trying to catalog all the different Vin Scully memorabilia items that exist out there.

As you may know, a few years back I attempted to do this with his various Baseball cards, postcards and Union 76 giveaways (see that original post here), but always felt is was incomplete.  After all, there is a bunch of other stuff I neglected to include; such as his records, magazines and Dodger Stadium giveaways.  Hopefully, the below listing takes care of that.  Unfortunately, I doubt this is entirely complete.  For instance, there's got to be more magazine covers featuring the Hall of Fame broadcaster than what I have shown here.  If you happen to know of other items please let me know. 

Furthermore, I am planning an additional post focused solely on the 1966 Union 76 twelve-record 33 1/3 RPM set featuring Vin Scully interviews with 24 different players and team executives.  I made mention of it in my post a few years back. but didn't provide a lot of details back then.

So, without further adieu, here is a listing of Vin Scully related records, magazine covers and stadium giveaways.  I will, of course, updated this post when new items come to my attention.


Dodgers '59 Record
The Season's Most Thrilling Moments as Reported on KMPC by Vin Scully


Jackie Barnett Presents the Sound of the Dodgers Record


No-Hitter by Bill Singer Record
Narrated by Vin Scully


Dodgers World Champions Record


Los Angeles Times Magazine -  Dated 10/13/1985


Los Angeles Times Magazine -  Dated 4/26/1998


2007 Dodgers Yearbook


Fore Magazine - May 2009 Issue

Dodgers Magazine - July 2009 Issue


2010 Dodgers Media Guide

Dodgers Playbill - August 30/September 5 - 10th Issue 


2012 Dodgers Yearbook

Dodgers Playbill - July 20/August 8

2012 Normal Bobblehead - Stadium Giveaway 8/30/2012

2012 Talking Bobblehead - 3,000 edition size

A special edition of the above bobblehead was also created that actually talks.  It recalls Vin's memorable Kirk Gibson walk-off home run call from Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.  You can listen to it here.


2013 Bobblehead - Stadium Giveaway 7/25/2013


2014 Rose Parade Grand Marshall Pin

2014 Dodgers Yearbook

2014 Talking Microphone - Stadium Giveaway 7/29/2014

You can listen to the talking microphone here.  It has six different recordings.


2015 Bobblehead - Stadium Giveaway 9/23/2015


I want to note that SportsNet LA gave away throughout the season a six-poster set featuring Vin Scully.  I shared pics of them all here.

Sports Illustrated  - 3/16/2016

2016 Dodgers Media Guide

2016 Magnet Schedule - Stadium Giveaway 4/12/2016

2016 T-shirt Stadium Giveaway 5/10/2016

Dodger Insider Magazine - September 19/September 25

2016 Bobblehead - Stadium Giveaway 9/20/2016

"Letter of Dedication" Retirement Letter - Stadium Giveaway 9/23/2016

Limited Edition Commemorative Bronze Coin - Stadium Giveaway 9/24/2016

Commemorative Edition of Dodger Insider Magazine - Stadium Giveaway 9/25/2016

LA Times Commemorative Section - dated 9/25/16 

UPDATE:  I have just been told of another Vin Scully collectible recently made by the Dodgers to commemorate his retirement (Thanks, CJ).  It is an oversized postcard and appears to have been made for this last homestand.  See it below.

UPDATE II:  I have just been made aware of another Scully memorabilia item from Vin Scully Weekend.  Featured below is a pin made by the Dodgers, and from what I understand they were given to numerous Dodger employees, MLB employees and other broadcasters.  I do not know how many were made and distributed.  

UPDATE III:  Here is a new item for the checklist.  On Vin's very last broadcast, at San Francisco, October 2, 2016, the Giants gave to every fan in attendance the below "Cheer Card." 


Vin Scully Commemorative Microphone Statue
Dodgers Ring of Honor Inducation
SGA 5/3/2017

2017 Unocal 76 -- Mail Away
Vin Scully Pin

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