Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Dodgers 60th Anniversary Sets - The First Two - #1 to #14

It's about time I put up pics of these cards.

As you know, the Dodgers have been giving away limited edition 60th Anniversary Collector Card Sets to fans. Six different sets are available, and so far only the first two sets have been given out. The third set is being released at today's game. Unfortunately, I hadn't attended either of the first two prior giveaway games. Thankfully, fellow blogger and fanatic Dodger fan Andy from the Stadium Fantasium blog was there, and he was kind enough to pass along the first two sets.

Thanks, Andy!

Below are complete scans of the first two sets. As you can see, the first set celebrates the 50's and 60's and borrows the vintage design of the 1965 Topps Baseball card set. The second set focuses on the 70's and uses the 1977 Topps Baseball card design.

As for the players in the set, I do find it unusual that the first six cards in both sets feature the exact same players -- Bellinger, Turner, Seager, Jansen, Taylor and Utley. The seventh card is of a Dodger star from the era the set celebrates: Koufax from the 60's and Sutton from the 70's. I wonder if the set being given out today will include Hershiser, Valenzuela or Gibson as the seventh card in the set.

Below are pics of each card in both set.

Set 1 - The 50's & 60's

#LAD-1 Cody Bellinger