Friday, March 08, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 3/8/2013

Yasiel Puig greets Justin Sellers in the photo above, by Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo.  See more of his pics from yesterday here.
Right after Chad Billingsley said, "I think it's behind me," he paused, turned around, found some wood, knocked on it and continued, "But you never know. Any time you step on the mound ... "
Alternate title considered – “Carl Crawford throws monkey wrench into Dodgers bench plans” – scrapped for grammatical reasons, and because the man can’t throw a household tool across a workbench, much less a baseball from left field to second base.

It doesn’t matter what the former All-Star wants or says; Crawford is unlikely to be 100% by Opening Day, which causes a domino effect across the roster, but for the sake of discussion for a moment, let’s assume he is.
  • If you're curious, Buster Posey recently participated in a Reddit AMA "Ask Me Anything" session.  Check it out here.  It would be great if a Dodger would do the same thing.
    So, I asked the coach about it. He paused, then smiled and said, "I have no idea what you're talking about." He just didn't want to say anything about this "private" statistic. The next day, the player said, "Please don't report that... I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to say anything."
    • Just because I've got the music of my youth on my mind.  Here's the Swamp Zombies with the song Cat's Meow.

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    2013 Topps Heritage Baseball - Dodgers Variation & Mini Cards

    Following up on yesterdays post featuring the Dodgers' base cards to Topps 2013 Heritage set, I bring to you some of the variation and mini cards.  To check out all of the cards Heritage cards I've shown so far go here.

    As you may know, there are Chrome parallel cards of 5 Dodgers' cards, but I've chosen not to display them here.  They basically look just like their base card counterpart, but are super shiny.  Below is a checklist for them:
    #HC13 Hanley Ramirez
    #HC16 Andre Ethier
    #HC25 Clayton Kershaw
    #HC27 Matt Kemp
    #HC83 Adrian Gonzalez
    The mini cards also use the same photos as the base cards, but are individually hand-numbered to only 100 copies.
    Mini Parallels: 
    #200 Clayton Kershaw                      #427 Andre Ethier

    #442 Hanley Ramirez                               #450 Matt Kemp

    #472 Adrian Gonzalez
    Full Color Blue Border Variations:
    #200 Clayton Kershaw                            #450 Matt Kemp

    #472 Adrian Gonzalez
    Action Image Variations:
    #450 Matt Kemp
    Color Variations:
    #200 Clayton Kershaw                    #450 Matt Kemp

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