Friday, November 27, 2015

A Visual Checklist of Sandy Koufax Baseball Cards - 1960 to 1962

Attempting to catalog every Sandy Koufax card and collectible from his playing days is proving to be far more difficult than I imagined.  In fact, I'm scratching my aching head wondering what the heck I got myself into.  Nevertheless, I will endeavor to complete this task.  You can check out Part I (1955-59) here.  Below is Part II - which covers 1960 to 1962.  Click on any pic to embiggen.  BTW, if I am missing any card issues please let me know.

UPDATE: You can view Part III here.  It covers cards and memorabilia from 1963 to 1964. Part IV (covering 1965-1967) can be seen here.

#343 - 1960 Topps

#NNO - 1960 Danny Goodman - Dodgers Picture Pack - Blank Back
The below photo came from a 20 photo set sold at concession stands during Dodger games.  They are commonly referred to as LA Dodger Picture Packs, but are sometimes called the Danny Goodman sets.  As you may know, Danny Goodman was the Dodgers Advertising Director for 25 years and the brains behind the multitude of Dodger collectibles and memorabilia available at the time.  In fact, his operation and consumer know-how vaulted the Dodgers to the top of the souvenir sales list.  To learn more about Danny check out Andy McCue's excellent biography at SABR, here.