Thursday, November 09, 2017

A Willard Mullin Brooklyn "Bum" Drawing at Hunt Auctions

As I've said many times before, I can't get enough of Willard Mullin's artwork.

Featured here is another one of his original drawings, circa 1950's, featuring the Brooklyn Dodgers "Bum" that is currently available at Hunt Auctions. (auction link)

As you can see, the rather befuddled Dodgers mascot is lamenting the good play of two of his rivals -- the Phildalphia Phillies "Whiz Kids" and the St. Louis Cardinals lead by Stan "The Man" himself. At the same time, he begs for the Braves to finally start winning -- no doubt hoping that the Dodgers will benefit.

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This is the greatest thing ever!

It also saddens me that I am only hearing about this now.

Featured above is a fantastic mural found in a home now occupied by Lakers radio play-by-play man John Ireland. As you can see, it features a smiling Steve Sax playing some ball with the Three Stooges. According to  Whitney Mcintosh at SB Nation the home was once occupied by former Dodger second baseman Steve Sax, and she shares a fantastic interview with him to talk all about it. Check it out here.
Q: So when did you paint the mural? Was it after the World Series or had it been there for a while?
A: I bought this house … actually, I bought it when it was being constructed in 1984 and this was a game room I had upstairs and there wasn’t much to it other than that I was a big Three Stooges fan and it was a game room, a fun room. So I asked a guy to paint a mural of me and The Three Stooges together and he did.
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