Friday, July 09, 2010

Tommy and TC at FanFest

Here are more pics found on Twitter from the FanFest in Anaheim.

Minnesota Twins mascot TC with Tommy.

Video from FanFest

Here is a little video from the OC Register from the first day of FanFest. Check out some of the auction items from Hunt about halfway through. It might be worth going through the crowds just to take a closer look at some of those things.

Video Link Here:

A Banged Up Mickey

This is pretty funny. Do you remember reading about the Boston Red Sox Mickey Mouse statue being vandalized in front of the Discovery Science Center. Well, here it is all bandaged up at FanFest.

FanFest Photos on Twitter

The FanFest is in full bloom and twitter has a handful of photos of the event. Check them out below.

In the lobby at the convention center in Anaheim various team mascots have come to represent.

Check out this ride.

Shawn Green was on hand today to sign autographs today.

Take a look at Ty Cobb's glove.

NY Times On a Roll

The NY Times has a couple of interesting articles out today that are worth a look.

First, The Dodger Dream Foundation paid an outrageous salary to one of the Dodgers executives. In fact, 25% of its annual budget went to one man. This is beyond bad. It's morally and ethically wrong. This charity is nothing more than a slush fund. From my understanding, the Dodger Dream Foundation is separate from ThinkCure!, but if the same chicanery exist there then there is no reason for any Dodger fan to support these organizations.

Second, is a little story about the McCourt divorce and how it may affect the team. I know I had been on a boycott when it comes to mentioning this failed marriage, but since I got quoted in it I thought it only proper to pass along a link.

Envious Am I

Via Sports Collectors Daily, we get a view at a remarkable Baseball collection that took over 45 years to put together. Check it out.
Part 1

YouTube Link:

Part 2: The Babe Ruth Collection.

YouTube Link:

He even has a football collection.

YouTube Link:

Collection: N28 Jack Dempsey

Don't mistake this 19th century boxer for the Manassa Mauler who shares the same name. This Jack Dempsey was born over 30 years earlier. He may not be as famous as the champion from the 1920's, but he was just as good- if not better. Heck, in his day he was one of most popular pugilist in America and was nicknamed Nonpareil because no one could beat him. Dempsey was noted for his craftiness in the ring and his mastery as a ring general. He often fought others who outweighed him by as much as 25 lbs. and was believed to be so good that he could handily beat heavyweight John L. Sullivan.

Nonpareil was a bare-knuckle brawler who won his first fight in 1883 and didn't lose until 1889. Although that loss was in dispute since he got clocked by an illegal backhanded punch by George LaBranche. His first real defeat occurred 2 years later to Bob Fitzsimmons when he lost the World Middleweight Championship. Most believe that by this time he was well past his prime and suffering from a losing battle with tuberculosis. I've read that he had to be knocked down up to 14 times before he was officially knocked out. In 65 career matches he lost only 3 times.

It was said of him that,
"His style and method of boxing has a neatness about it … He stops blows aimed at him by his adversaries with so much skill, and hits his antagonist with such terrific force and comparative ease, that he astonishes and terrifies his opponents beyond measure … those ambitious to win the title of the middleweight champion are soon convinced of his superior knowledge and athletic prowess".
Above is his 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter card from my collection.

eBay: Opening Day 1955

Here is an original press photo of the ceremonial first ball thrown out during the opening game of the 1955 season at Ebbets Field. Brooklyn Borough President Cashman is accompanied by Dodger manager Walter Alston. I always get a kick out of the hats folks wore back then. Found via eBay.