Friday, April 15, 2016

Jackie Robinson Baseball Card Checklist - Notable Oddball Collectibles

There is no better way to conclude my checklist of Jackie Robinson cards and collectibles than on this day - Jackie Robinson Day.  You can check out Part I (1940's) here. Part II (1950's and Beyond) can be found here.  Finally, below is just a few of oddball collectibles featuring the legendary ballplayer.

I've tried my best to find every item featuring Jackie during his playing days, but I suspect this checklist will fall far short.  Please let me know of anything I might have missed.  I would love to be able to update this listing from time to time.

Furthermore, you will notice that I have not included any of the numerous vintage pins that feature Robinson.  The reason is that there is already fantastic website called Baseball Pinback Buttons that had done a fine job of it.  So, instead of copying I figured I would just point you in that direction.  Check out the most comprehensive listing of Jackie Robinson pins I have ever seen here, via Baseball Pinback Buttons.


1947 Bond Bread Advertisements

In Part I of my checklist I shared pics of a scarce regional card set from Homogenized Bond Bread that featured thirteen different Jackie Robinson cards.  Below are a few of the advertising items used to promote the set and the loaves of bread.

1947 Bond Bread 4" diameter advertising drink coaster

2016 Topps Museum Collection - The Dodgers Base Cards

Another week, a new Topps Baseball card set. 

A couple days ago Topps officially released their 2016 Museum Baseball card brand, and as always it includes a ton of big hits.  As it should, considering a box of four packs will cost you almost $200 bucks.  Each pack has only five cards, and you are guaranteed two autograph and two relic cards to go along with a base card.  Go here for a complete checklist.

Below are the five Dodgers base cards in the 100 card set.  Next week I'll have pics of many of the high-end inserts available.

#15 Joc Pederson                                     #29 Yasiel Puig

2016 Topps Now - Jackie Robinson - Breaks Color Barrier

The second Dodgers 2016 Topps Now Baseball card, available exclusively online, has just been revealed, and considering the day its subject should be of no surprise.  Card #21 will feature Jackie Robinson.  Go here to order.  Sales will only last for 24 hours, so if its something you'd like to add to your collection then you need to get going.

UPDATE: Print run sold was 759 copies.

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Blog Kiosk: 4/15/2016 - Dodgers Links - Scully, Maeda and Jackie Robinson Day

Today is Jackie Robinson Day.  Naturally, I had to find a photo of Jackie to share here, and I think I found the perfect one.  Featured above are two young kids, Jackie and wife Rachel, having a dance in Puerto Rico in 1950.  I'm unsure of the circumstances surrounding the photograph.  Pic via Jorge Colon-Delgado in twitter.

BTW, Dave Roberts had this to say about today, via Doug Padilla at ESPN:
“[Newcombe] was his roommate,” Roberts said. “As much as [Newcombe] wants to talk about Jackie and his story, and what he went through, and Maury [Wills] sharing stories, Manny Mota, I’ll listen. Just to be back in a Dodgers uniform and in this capacity, to have these guys who I have known for a decade and sometimes even hear the same stories, that’s what’s great about it. It’s like it’s the first time I’ve ever heard them. But [Friday] will be a special day for sure.”
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