Friday, July 27, 2012

Has New Ownership Translated Into More Tickets Sold? - You Betcha!

Since Magic, Stan and the rest of the crew took over the Dodgers there has been a palpable buzz throughout Dodger nation.  This has translated into more excitement for the season and predictably higher ticket sales for the team.  So, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that the Dodgers announced today that they have reached the 3 million mark in tickets sold in the season so far.

Per their press release:
The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that the club has reached the three million mark in total tickets sold for the 2012 season.

The Dodgers are averaging a paid attendance of 41,212 through 49 dates, placing the club in the top 3 in the National League. The Dodgers per game average is up more than 4,500 in comparison to last season. The club is also on pace to reach 3.3 million tickets sold by the conclusion of the 2012 regular season.

Season tickets are currently at their highest level since 2007 and approaching levels last seen in 1988, the Dodgers’ last championship year.
Keep in mind that the Dodgers didn't even reach 3 million tickets sold last year- they sold 2,935,139 tickets (and we all know actual attendance was far lower).  Overall, last season the Dodgers were 11th in the league in paid attendance, but now find themselves in 6th place so far this year.  Average attendance in 2011 was 36,236 compared to 41,212 today.

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 7/27/2012

I really love this Upper Deck original art card being inserted into their 2012 Goodwin Champion set.  All 50 cards of the original 1888 set have been reproduced with actual drawings.  Above is the "Parisian Bob" Caruthers card who played for the Brooklyn team that would eventually be called the Dodgers.  See other art cards from the set here.  BTW, they called him "Parisian Bob" due to a contract negotiation he conducted in 1885-86 while in Paris.
  • Check out Steven's contest at Zim's Autographs for a free Steve Garvey signed mini-bat.  I love this guy's enthusiasm for the autograph hobby.
  • Former DodgerTalk co-host Josh Suchon has a new Dodger book coming out called, "Miracle Men," via Out of Ink.  It's about the 1988 Dodgers, and it will come out in 2013.
More than a book about the players and games, the author will track down fans who left early and missed Gibson's famed home run, including some future major leaguers. It will be argued this game forever branded Dodgers fans for “arriving late and leaving early.” The history of the baseball that Gibson hit will be detailed by the (many) people who claim to own it.
  • Todd Coffey shows us his post Tommy John surgery elbow on twitter.  See it on the right.  Click on the pic to embiggen, if you dare.
  • Clayton's Texas BBQ and HoeDown is this coming Thursday, August 2nd.  There is still enough time to sign up and help out a great cause.  Go here for more details.
  • The Dodgers Dream Foundation's Bowling Extravaganza hosted by James Loney is on August 23rd.  This is the 8th annual event and many current and former Dodgers are expected to attend.  Go here for details.
“What do you mean you got traded,” my new wife said to me as I entered the house with a plane ticket in my hand, “Where are you going? What does this mean for us?” 
“I’m going to Canada, and I have to leave now.” It was a very, very tough conversation, especially when you’re packing two suitcases through it all. She’s in shock because forty minutes ago we were all set to spend the day at the beach together as a couple and now she’s going to her mother’s house wondering what the next two months of her marriage will be like and I’m heading out on a flight to Montreal. Remember, I was born in San Diego, my wife and I had our friends and family all around us. It’s the part of this game, most sports really, that few fans ever consider. When you call up a sports radio station and discuss a trade, you rarely consider or say “I think Hanley Ramirez should go to L.A. because he just spent the last four months interviewing pre-schools with his wife and there’s a number of quality Goddard locations,” or “A certain outfielder can’t be traded to the Rockies because his son has asthma and can’t really handle the Colorado atmosphere.”
  • Here's a great pic from the "Keeper of the Cup," via twitter @keeperofthecup.  Check out Lord Stanley and Wilson.

eBay: A Dodgers Stitch 'N Pitch Bobblehead

How did this not hit my radar screen in 2010?

Featured here is an eBay auction of a scarce modern day Dodger bobblehead.  It is a Los Angeles Dodgers Stitch 'N Pitch bobblehead that was given out in limited numbers. These were only available for one game on August 6, 2010, and were given out to only those that bought an exclusive Stitch 'N Pitch section ticket. They are limited to a run of 500.

What is Stitch 'N Pitch?  Apparently, it is the National NeedleArts Association attempt to bring two American traditions together- Baseball and knitting (or crocheting, needlepoint, etc.).  They have held numerous event at Major and Minor League stadiums all across the country.  Go here for more information about this.  Unfortunately, this years Dodgers event has already passed.

(eBay Auction Link)

Legendary Auctions: Don Drysdale's Cap

Check out this great vintage Brooklyn Dodgers cap.  It dates to 1957 and was once worn by Don Drysdale.  The original owners of the hat are longstanding friends of the Drysdale's, and they provide a letter of provenance.  It is available on auction at Legendary Auctions.

(Auction Link)

2012 Bowman Platinum Baseball- Dodgers Base & Prospect Cards

The 2012 Bowman Platinum Baseball set is officially out.  Unfortunately, it is extremely light on Dodger players.  Heck, for a set geared more towards prospects it's disappointing there is only one Dodger prospect card in the bunch- Allen Webster.  On the other hand, I'm not sure Topps is to blame for that.  The Dodgers are a little light in that department.

Below are pics of the 3 Dodger base cards and the 1 prospect card.  Furthermore, there appears to be only 2 autographed/ relic cards of a Dodger player.  There is a Andre Ethier autographed relic card (#AR-AE and now seen at the very bottom) and a Hexagraph 6 autograph book card that includes Clayton Kershaw (#HBC2) among other pitching aces.  Unfortunately, both of these cards have a redemption enclosed in packs instead of the actual card, so I can't show you what they look like.  UPDATE:  BTW, there are also Purely Platinum autographed cards of both Matt Kemp (#PP-MK) and Clayton Kershaw (#PP-CK) available, but they are both "1 of 1's" and have yet to make an appearance in the hobby.

Dodgers Base Cards

#7 Matt Kemp

#31 Andre Ethier

#55 Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers Prospect Cards

#BPP47 Allen Webster

UPDATE:  Here are pics of some of the 2012 Bowman Platinum autographed cards.

#AR-AE Andre Ethier