Saturday, December 20, 2014

Power106 Held a Matt Kemp Appreciation Party Yesterday

There is no doubt that many Dodger fans love Matt Kemp.  So much so, Big Boy of Power106 held a Matt Kemp Appreciation Party on air early yesterday morning and a bunch of his fans came to meet him personally to express their thanks.  Below are a couple of videos from the Power106 Matt Kemp lovefest. (Hat Tip: Ashley Hollabakk at Power106)

Here, Matt talks about being traded to the Padres. He discusses how he found out he was traded through social media, his plans on playing till he's 40, and how he feels about the trade itself.

Video Link:

Video Link:

And check out this awesome cake.

Here is Kemp with some fans.

Photo at the very top via @Power106LA on twitter.

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