Friday, October 01, 2010

Dodgers Police: 1980 Set

If you were a fan of the Dodgers in the 80's then you probably remember these sets. Beginning in 1980 the team got together with the police department, the LAPD, to produce special sets featuring the team. The ran for two decades, and remains one of the more popular police/ safety sets ever created. Cards could be gotten directly from officers throughout the southland.

They are not rare at all, and represent one of the better deals to had when collecting the Dodgers from this era. If you pay more than $5 bucks for a set then consider it a rip-off. In fact, you can probably get a lot of 3 to 5 sets from different years at one time for $10 to $20 bucks- or less. Below is what the reverse looks like. Each card has a different Baseball tip on them.Over the next several weeks and months I will scan each one of the sets I have and post them here. Go ahead a click on any of the pics to enlarge.

Auto Collection: Andre Ethier 2007 UD Black Lustrous

I really love this card, and unfortunately this scan does not do it justice. Here is a 2007 Upper Deck Black Lustrous combination game-used uniform piece and autograph card of Andre Ethier. It is numbered 7 out of 50. The coolest thing about this card is the clear plastic windows at center. The autograph on the bottom and the player portrait at top looks like it just floats. In fact, the portrait has the appearance of a B&W film negative.