Wednesday, March 10, 2010

eBay: Linnett Dodger Portraits

For 50 cents in 1976 you could get one great drawing of your favorite ballplayer. They were drawn by Charles Linnett from Walpole, MA, and featured pencil drawn portraits. At the time, you could get drawings from every sport imaginable; such as Baseball, football, the NBA, hockey and the Globetrotters. Below are are five different Dodgers recently found on eBay.

Don Sutton

Bill Russell

Willie Crawford

Davey Lopes

Andy Messersmith

OT: Beck Hates Me

Should I be worried.

Make your own right here.

A Familiar Face

Who could forget this face. "What a team! The fruits of victory!"
(pic from Dodgers Facebook page/ likely Jon Soohoo)