Thursday, July 28, 2011

UPDATE: Minor Change for Kings Night

As I had written previously, tomorrow is LA Kings Night at Dodger Stadium, and fans who purchase tickets through a special ticket offer ( would be receiving a voucher, at the game, for the above hat.

Well, a reader recently asked if the hat give-away was still in place since the above link for tickets now indicates a King themed "This Is My Town" t-shirt (see it below) instead of the hat. So, I gave a call to the PR department for an answer, and this is what I was told. Also, a big thanks to Amy for responding so quickly.

We sold out of the caps for the Kings Night promotion but still wanted our fans to be able to purchase the discounted ticket, so we replaced the cap with the My Town, Kings t-shirt. Everyone who purchased a ticket when the cap was available will receive the cap and everyone who purchased a ticket after the cap was sold out will receive a t-shirt. The vouchers that come with the ticket are marked appropriately.

So there you have it. Demand was apparently high and the hats are now sold out.
Furthermore, as Roberto at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy pointed out, the Kings Ice Girls will also be in attendance. So, I though I would pass along this great video featuring the recent Ice Girls audition for the upcoming season. Go here to see more Ice Girl videos.

Call Me Sentimental, But I Don't Want Kuroda to Go

I don't know what it is, but I really like Hiroki Kuroda on this team and would prefer that he stay with the club. I've heard all of the arguments, and readily accept that they make more sense than my emotional underpinnings about what the Dodgers mean and who should be wearing our colors. But, when I read quotes like the one below I can't help but believe he needs to stay right here.

From AJ Cassavell at MLB:
"My honest feeling is that I can't fathom wearing another uniform than the Dodgers uniform right now," Kuroda said through a translator. "I never thought about it, and it's really hard to think."
With the MLB non-waiver Trade Deadline coming this Sunday decisions need to be made very quickly.
"I haven't really decided on anything, so I can't really give you an answer," Kuroda said. "Today I was wearing a Dodgers uniform, and I was playing here, to win, for this team. I have a few days before the Trade Deadline, so I'm going to think about it, I'm going to talk to my agent about it, and we'll go on from there."
All I can say is, please don't go!

2011 Bowman Platinum: Dodgers Base Cards

The newest Baseball card set just went live yesterday. It is called Bowman Platinum and it basically consist of two different base sets- one with current Major Leaguers and the other consisting only of prospects. Below are the Dodger cards from those base sets. As always, there are parallels of each card available in limited quantities- some examples of them are below.

24 Andre Ethier

58 Clayton Kershaw

96 Matt Kemp

From the prospect base set.

BPP2 Dee Gordon

BPP6 Zach Lee (Purple refractor parallel)

BPP9 Blake Smith
(Green refractor parallel)

BPP46 Leon Landry (Green refractor parallel)

BPP68 Allen Webster (Red refractor parallel)

BPP76 Kyle Russell (X-Factor parallel)