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Dedicated and fervent Dodger fans, Baseball fans and sports memorabilia collectors throughout the country visit this blog on a regular basis. If you have a business interested in creating a presence on the web then check us out.

Online advertising isn’t just a good idea these days–it’s a must. Why advertise in a print publication when you’re selling on the web and your customer are already here?

Also, it’s not just about ‘clicks’.  Your ad should be thought of as a billboard, establishing your brand in the minds of those who see it.

I don't have a firm pricing structure in mind, so I am open to your inquiries.

I think the best way to go, though, is to set a weekly or monthly fee for ad space on the blog. Various options are available for placement of an ad - either along the columns on the right or a banner on the top (or above the columns). We offer several different options that include primarily banner ads.  Text ads will also be considered.  I am not, at this time, accepting sponsored post.  Feel free to send me an offer.

I thought I would add the following statement that can originally be found on my "Disclaimer" page.
Blue Heaven Blog does NOT receive compensation for any of the stories posted.  For instance, we do not receive compensation from eBay or any of the other auction houses for writing about individual auctioned items.  We may, from time to time, write a sponsored post with the understanding that any compensation will be given away as a prize to the readers.  (The Beatles CD Contest is an example of this.)  We do, however, accept sponsored/supporter advertising banners, sponsored text links in the sidebars and google ads.
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