Monday, November 07, 2011

Don't Tear Down Dodger Stadium!

Howard Cole makes a great comment in his column the other day in the OC Register, and I thought it important to emphasize it today. From the OC Register:

Repeat: Dodger Stadium is not deteriorating. It does not need to be razed, rebuilt, replaced or retrofitted, and anyone who says otherwise is just plain rong. Uh, wrong.

And get this: It most certainly does not need an extreme makeover for a new owner to profit beyond his wildest dreams.

That's right. There is no need to tear down the place. In fact, I think it's important for all like-minded Dodger fans to let the future owner understand that razing our 'Field of Dreams' would be unacceptable. It cannot happen, and if you think the vitriol hurled at the McCourt's was wild. Wait until rumors that a future owner will demand that Dodger Stadium be replaced reaches the consciousness of the fans. There would be an outright revolt.

Blog Kiosk: 11/7/2011

Matt Kemp at the benefit for the Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Center this past Sunday is hanging with his new best friend @TeamAlyssa22. (Pic via Kemp's twitter)
  • GCRL made a beautiful fantasy card featuring the old Dodgers broadcast team of Vin Scully, Ross Porter and Jerry Doggett.
  • Steve Dilbeck looks at 'The Legend of Eugenio Velez.'
  • Roberto at Vin Scully is My Homeboy has the patch the Dodgers will be wearing next season.
  • New York billionaire, Tom Golisano, and former owner of the NHL Buffalo Sabres, is readying a bid to buy the Dodgers, via The Daily.
  • analyzes the McCourt divorce.
  • Listen in on Ron Washington's pre-game speech to his players before Game 7 of the World Series, via Joe Sports Fan. It's a doozy.
  • Check out the next Cuban sensation- Yoenis Cespedes. Via Bleacher Report. There's even a showcase video that is a little strange. Apparently, the Dodger are interested in him.

Hunt Auctions: A Teammates Look at Merkle's Boner

This is a letter written by Fred Snodgrass, a teammate of Fred Merkle, available at auction at Hunt's. If you are not familiar with Merkle's Boner read about it here. As for this letter, below is it in full for your enjoyment.
Dear Van -
I will try to answer a few of your questions, but I don't write well anymore. There was a period in my life when I was in business when I could make a type write hum. But no more. -
Question - Did the Giants have a catcher named Johnson. - Ans: No! Larry McLean 1913-14-15 - Geo. Schlei 1909-10-11 - John Chief Meyers 1909-1915 - Arthur Wilson 1908-13 - Grover Hartley 1911-1913 - and yours truly but no Johnson. -
Q. Were you with Giants all of 1908 - A. Yes, Was 3rd string catcher. -
Q. Do you recall play off game Giants vs. Cubs? - A. Yes - but it is a story - As you know the two teams ended the season on a tie - So we had to replay the game in which Fred Merkle failed to touch second base. He should not have been blamed for loss of pennant for the Giants lost five games after the failure - a double header to Cincy (McG started Marquard and Bull Durham - both lost) and 3 games to Phila (Coveleski won all thru pitching Tuesday - Thurs + Saturday - then we had to win the remaining games from the Braves to tie with Cubs. We players had trouble getting into the Polo Grounds at 10AM on account of the big crowd - later on those fans broke down the left field fence and only a fire hose stopped them. It was a total sell out. 3 fingers Brown was to pitch against Mathewson - and in a club house meeting before the game the Giants felt that if they could get Frank Chance out of the line up - that they could win - so McGrinnity was to meet Chance on foul line and pick a fight - Chance was too smart - would not fight - and it was his hit that won the game and the pennant. Enclosed are samples of the autograph requests I get - average 3 a week. (also Chufs letter).
Regards, Fred C. Snodgrass

eBay: 1930's Original Brooklyn Dodgers Bat Boy Uniform

This item is incredible. It claims to be a vintage, circa 1930's, Brooklyn Dodgers game-used bat boy uniform. I'll let the auction to take it from here,
This is a Fantastic, Original, Rare, Early Brooklyn Dodgers game used Baseball uniform. This wonderful Old piece has a Great, Vintage design, with Pinstripes and sewn-on Dodger Blue trim & insignia, is marked "Pepperell Fabrics", was issued by the Dodgers, includes the jersey, pants & stirup socks, is Very Rare to Find and would be a wonderful addition to any collection. This comes straight from the estate of Joseph Lupska who served as a Dodgers bat boy in the 1930's and was actually worn by him while serving the Great Dodgers.
I can't prove the veracity of this auctions claims, but I thought it was to wonderful not to share here.