Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Donruss Baseball - The Rest of the Dodgers' Insert Cards

Here is a last look at the Dodger cards found in packs of Panini's 2017 Donruss Baseball cards.  Below are the 1983 Retro Variations, Signature Series, Diamond Collection relics, New Breed autographs, Promising Pros Materials relics and signatures, Significant Signatures, The Rookies and the Recollection Buybacks.  Go here to see all my post on this set.

Retro Variations 1983

#17 Clayton Kershaw

Blog Kiosk: 3/13/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends

I think we should nickname the team the "Bridegrooms".

Last week we got word that Dodger outfielder Joc Pederson proposed to his then girlfriend (link here).  Now we found out that third baseman Justin Turner did the same this weekend while at the Grand Canyon, as evidenced by the photo he shared on twitter.

Congrats Justin and Courtney!

As you may know, the Brooklyn Baseball club was given the nickname of the "Bridegrooms" by the press in the late 1880's.  Over one winter break four of their players had gotten hitched.  This nickname lasted for quite a few years until Ned Hanlon took charge as manager in 1899 and the press renamed the club the Superbas.

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1917 Dodger skipper Wilbert Robinson performed some spring antics on the field.  After having heard about Gabby Street catching a ball from the Washington Monument, Robinson bragged that he could catch a ball dropped from an airplane.  So, it was set up, but young outfielder Casey Stengel decided to substituted a grapefruit instead of a Baseball.  Said fruit was then gloved by Robinson as it fell, but it exploded on his chest.  Having seen the fruit innards Wilbert mistook it for blood and screamed that he was dying -- that is until he tasted it.
  • Happy Birthday, Chappie McFarland, Tom Flood, Mal Eason, Lew Malone, Don Bessent, Don Miles & Mariano Duncan!