Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 3/21/2013

Are the boys in Blue doing some coloring?  No... they're filling in their March Madness brackets- bracketology, if you will.  Pic via Jon SooHoo/ LA Dodgers 2013.
This week, one of the Dodgers' new co-owners, Stan Kasten, called the family in an attempt to re-establish a relationship. Who knows, son Shawn, 25, might be asked to throw out the first pitch from the same mound his father once stood.

"I'm built exactly like my dad was — thick legs and long arms,'' he says. "We even have similar facial hair. I threw like him, too. It was genetic because I never studied the way he pitched.''
It was after my first year of pro ball and I wasn’t in the middle of any negotiations, but after talking to him and getting to know him, I didn’t make any commitments but just felt more and more comfortable with his genuine personality. I felt like his motives were in the right place, and it still is the same today. It’s not about the money. A lot of guys I’m sure say that but knowing Larry for as long as I have, when I say it’s still the same, it’s still the same that it really isn’t about the money. He really enjoys helping young guys out.
“This is the main thing — L.A. Dodgers,” he said. “Even when I was playing in the WBC, representing my country. It was an honor for me. But at the same time I was thinking this team — what they were doing in the spring, to get to know each other, to stay together. To get this news today, it’s not easy. It’s going to be tough, but what can we do? I know they’re going to do the best they can and play hard every day until I get there.”
  • Baseball back in Montreal?  Via Bill Beacon at The, a $400k feasibility study is underway.
  • RIP.  The lady who was the real life inspiration to the movie "The Natural" died several months ago, via ESPN.  Her name is Ruth Ann Steinhagen and she shot Eddie Waittkus of the Cubs in a fit of stalking madness.
  • More Marlins woes. Via Extra Mustard the Miami Marlins are determined to burn every bridge they can find.
  • Be sure to bookmark this.  A new website called The National Pastime Museum will officially open its doors on Opening Day (March 31st).  They'll be more vintage Baseball artifacts than you can shake a stick at.

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Congrats Aaron Roberts - You're in the FanCave!

I wanted to extend a Blue Heaven congratulations to Aaron Roberts for being chosen to be one of the final 9 participants in the 2013 MLB FanCave. 
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I expect that you'll represent us as best you can.  In fact, you better give it your all! 

Check out a recent interview I had with Aaron, or is it Tom, Roberts last month, here.  In it, he makes a promise that I absolutely expect him to keep.
Here is an extra question for you.  Will you promise to wear the Dodger cape in cave, if you were to make it, as often as possible (meaning, all of the time)?

ABSOLUTELY! Not only am I a Baseball fanatic, I'm also a huge Comic Book Nerd. The Cape is an integral part of my video, campaign, and me. Wearing a cape is right up my alley!
Check out the other participants below.  Go to the MLB FanCave here.
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Hanley to have Surgery - Who Becomes Our Savior?

As I'm sure you all know by now, Hanley Ramirez ended the Dominican Republic's WBC victory tour with a cast on his right thumb.  We all thought that his jammed thumb was just sprained, in hopes that he can join the team for Opening Day this season.  Of course, the Baseball gods had something else in mind.  We find out from Ken Rosenthal on twitter that the Dodgers are looking at the worse-case scenario.
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So, he'll have surgery tomorrow, rehabilitation for several weeks, and have an expected return date in late-May (possibly early June if a rehab assignment becomes the first move). 
(pic credit: Jon SooHoo/ LA Dodgers 2013)

This sure does complicate things.  All the banter about Hanley not playing SS during the WBC has been all for naught.  Instead, he sits on the pine as the Dodgers try to shuffle their lineup to make up for the offensive loss this injury creates.  It's likely that Luis Cruz moves to SS, and one of Nick Punto, Jerry Hairston Jr. or Juan Uribe take over at 3rd.  Heck, if that doesn't work out then maybe Dee Gordon steps in at SS with one of the 4 above playing 3rd.  Fortunately, we have these players waiting in the wings, but they are unlikely to provide the kind of offensive punch we would have had with Hanley Ramirez.  He was having a torrid Spring and looked to have his old swing back.  Now, he'll have to start over again in hopes that he can regain that spark that made fans believe he was back.

On a side note, this accident may be the opportunity both Uribe and Dee Gordon were looking for.  Can they regain their footing and prove to us all that they are legitimate MLB everyday players?  After all, this may very well be their last chance in Dodger Blue.

For my money, I would bet that Juan Uribe proves his worth.  I'll take the plaudits he's received lately and cross my fingers that Mark McGwire has fixed him.

It's too bad Yasiel Puig isn't a 3rd baseman.

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