Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Auto Collection: Russell Martin & Andre Ethier

Here is my 2007 Upper Deck Black Illustrious dual autograph card featuring Andre Ethier and (our possibly soon departed catcher) Russell Martin. It is numbered 10 out of 25.

I Voted

One of the things I've embraced most about our wonderful country is the act of voting. So, it was with great pride that I cast my ballot today. Below is a story I wrote 4 years ago that I've decided to repost here. It remains one of my favorites.

"Put on your shoes, son... Hey, where is your jacket?"

I lift up my arm and point to my red hooded sweater with a series of color stripes across the breast. It was an 80'’s version of a 70'’s flashback. No doubt it was fashion at it worst. The sweater was crammed between the seat cushions of our family couch in the TV room.

"Go and put that on. It'’s chilly out there and we are going on a short walk."

I quickly put on the sweater- first the left arm then the right. I had my "Toughskins" blue jeans on. They still looked brand new. No matter how rough I played in them they would never fade. Sears had made kid proof pants.

I tied my sneakers and rolled up my socks to cover my calves. I was ready to go and experience the world.

My elementary school mind was still in its most formative stages. I smiled a lot. I laughed all the time. I had wonder in my eyes.

These were the days when it was still o.k. to hold Daddy'’s hand. Heck, these were the days you could still call your Dad- Daddy.

We walk down the block and turned the corner. My hand was clinched tightly to my fathers'’ palm. We walk a few more steps and head down a back alley. A couple of houses down I notice an open garage door. People are mulling about. To one side is a single line, and in the back are cardboard boxes standing straight up with little curtains.

I looked around from left to right. I remember not understanding what this was all about. Why did my father purposely want me with him? Where are we?

My father leans down and says to me, "it’s election day."

My love and reverence for voting was created on that day. I remember the look of the garage, the faces of the people, the smell of the cardboard and the sound of the hand crank puncher used to complete the paper ballots. I remember the look of pride on my fathers face and his frank (adult) discussion with me about how important this day is.

This morning I continued a tradition that was passed down from my father. It is a tradition passed down from generation to generation, from American to American. It is a duty that the founding fathers envisioned as the peoples true equalizer. It is our voice.

So, this morning I drove down to the Costa Mesa Historical Society building and gave my name. I was handed a code pass and voted on one of those new-fangled machines. It was easy and efficient. My worries about the potential for lost votes was eased by the paper receipt produced by the computer.

This morning I voted. I voted for my community. I voted for my state. I voted for my country. But, most of all, I voted for my Father.

2010 Topps Update Broxton All-Star Jumbo Patch

Here is one of the truly great finds in the 2010 Topps Update set. This is a Jonathan Broxton All-Star Game jumbo jersey patch piece. This is the All-Star Game Workout jersey from the 2010 game. This card, on eBay, is numbered 2 out of 6. Every player in the game has a card in this subset.

2010 Topps Update: Dodger Bat Barrels

Here is a group of one of the more interesting and new kind of insert card in the 2010 Topps Update set. They feature manufactured bat (not game-used bat) pieces with the players name, team and facsimile autograph engraved in the wood. I think these are very classy looking, and look especially great when a Hall of Famer is featured. Below is what the reverse of the card look like.
The wood colored bats are all numbered to 99 and there are two limited parallel versions. The black bats (see the Snider below) are numbered to 25.
The rarest of them all are the pink bat versions that are numbered 1 of 1's. UPDATE: BTW, this card is currently on eBay and closes later this afternoon.
Here are the rest of the Dodgers in the set not already shown above.

Election Day!!!!

Here is a helpful reminder, if your not already waiting in line to make your mark, that today is election day. Regardless of your political leaning, or lack thereof, remember that your vote counts.