Friday, October 11, 2013

Andre Ethier to Start Tonight! See Tonights Dodger Lineup

We got some good news this afternoon. 

Andre Ethier is back in the Dodgers starting lineup, per David Vassegh of AM570 on twitter.

WooHoo!  This is like making a big trade at the end of the season to overtake the league.  He's our secret weapon, like holding pocket aces in a game of Texas Hold 'Em.

Below is the Dodgers Lineup:

Here is the Cardinals Starting Lineup:

Pic at very top via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2013.

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2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Baseball - Dodgers' Sports Disc Inserts

I just love these little things.

In my mind, one of the coolest inserts of the year are the 2013 Home Town Heroes Baseball Sports Disc.  They are approximately 1.5" in diameter and feature your favorite players using "Sportsflics" style technology. 

You would hold the disc and move it back and forth in order to see multiple images.  See the Dodgers' cards below.

Sports Discs Inserts

#13 Matt Kemp                         #19 Clayton Kershaw

#43 Bill Buckner                        #44 Tommy Lasorda

#54 Yasiel Puig                              #60 Hyun-Jin Ryu

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Check out the Dodgers NLCS Roster

The Dodgers officially announced their NLDS roster for their match-up against the Cardinals, and it includes a couple of changes.
(graphic via @Dodgers on twitter)

Chris Capuano, used as a long-reliever for the Braves series, will not pitch against the Cardinals.  Considering how poorly he's done against them in his career this is probably for the best.  He has a lifetime ERA of 6.00 against them.  Below are his career stats against them.

Also out of the roster is lefty-reliever Paco Rodriguez.  As you know, he's struggled of late.  Over the last month of the regular season he has recorded an ERA of 5.68 and a batting average against of .308.  In the playoffs, he's given up 4 hits and 2 earned runs in less than an inning of play.  Leaving Paco of the roster effectively leaves us with just one lefty, JP Howell, in the bullpen.  So, this move has some risk.  On the other hand, maybe his 78 appearances this year has been too much of a grind on the 22 year old, and he needs some time off.

Coming onto the roser are right-handed relievers Carlos Marmol and Edinson Volquez.  Both players came to the Dodger late this season; Marmol via a trade with the Cubs for Guerrier and Volquez as a free agent after being dumped by the Padres.

Marmol has pitched surprisingly well during his approximate 3 months with the Dodgers; making 21 appearances with a 2.53 ERA.  He's even done well against the Cardinals in his career.  Check out his career stats against them below.

Edinson Volquez, on the other hand, has not pitched well this season.  In his 6 appearances (5 of which as a starter) in Blue he's given up 13 earned runs in 28 innings.  He likely replaces Capuano as our long-guy out of the 'pen. 

Tonight's game starts at 5:37 PM PST on TBS.  Zack Greinke will go against Joe Kelly. 

Be sure to get home to watch as early as you can.  Put up your shoes and pour a glass of your favorite drink.  Rest, relax and put your Blue on 'cause this game should be a fun one.

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Blog Kiosk: 10/11/2013 - Dodgers Links - the NLDS Edition

Dodger wives are ready for the playoffs.  The above pic was tweeted by @MsShredderPunto.  She wrote, "behind every great man is a supportive wife".
"They don't really give up any at-bats, so it's always a grind," Greinke said. "Even when they bring the young guys up, it's like they make adjustments faster than other teams. I talked to Skip [Schumaker] and McGwire about, 'How do they make adjustments so fast?'" 
"I want to figure out how I can contribute more," Ethier said. "I feel I can do well playing center field. It's definitely gotten better from last week at this point. I kept pounding on it and it didn't get worse. Everyone was happy yesterday and today. It responded well today and we have to see how it responds tomorrow."
Yes, Bandwagoners. They don’t know the game, but they claim they do. They couldn’t name ten guys on the roster. They’ll show up and wonder why Matt Kemp isn’t starting or they’ll rip the G.M. for letting Manny Ramirez go. 
  • In sports auction news, former auction house owner Bill Mastro plead guilty to charges related to shill bidding that fraudulently inflating prices and misrepresenting the value of memorabilia.  His plea included his admission that he trimmed the famous McNall/Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner card without disclosing that fact to Buyers.  See the Chicago Tribune story here.

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