Monday, February 14, 2011

Auto Collection LoDuca Pieces of the Game

Is it me or do catchers get a lot of love from Dodger fans. We've had a long line of great ones over the years. We want to see greatness at that position and will cheer that player on like a loving doting father. We're always looking for the next Campanella or Mike Scioscia. In 1998 a young kid came up with those high hopes. He toiled between the minors and LA for three seasons before finally sticking. As he showed his skills we fell in love again. The rest of the story did not end so happily. Nevertheless, I continue to recall and enjoy those good years.

Here is my 2003 Donruss Playoff "Piece of the Game" auto/game-used piece card of Paul Lo Duca. I will always remember him most for his toughness and bat at the plate then for his fall from grace due to steroid issues.

The Little Cherished Plastic Cup

Thorzul Will Rule blog ask collectors to show their cups, and I am happy to oblige. Most of these are used in some fashion in my home. Some hold months worth of silver coins, while others are still used daily as they were intended. When I sat down and started to collect individual samples on my desk I couldn't believe how many I had. I was a little surprised. I need to learn how to throw stuff away. Click on any of the pics to enlarge.

Here is a cup from the recent Coliseum exhibition game against the Red Sox.
This is a really old cup. It is from the 1988 World Series. I wish I could say I was there. Unfortunately, I was not. I got this cup from a large lot of Dodger stuff I purchased on eBay.
This cup comes from across the country. This is a 2004 Spring Training cup from Dodgertown, Holman Stadium. It celebrates Eric Gagne's Cy Young season.
Here is a 2005 Spring Training cup with the home schedule.
These next two cups are the cream of the crop. Not because it commemorates a special event, but because it instead incorporates one of my favorite technologies. These cups use old-school style 3D wizardry- much like the old Sportsflics cards. If you move the cup slightly the characters change or move.
Here are some other random cups from over the years. I have no idea when I got any of these.
As you can tell, this cup has found another more important use. It holds the change I use for my morning coffee.

Pitchers and Catchers Report!

Oh!.... What a great and wonderful day this is. Pitchers and catchers report today. (UPDATE: Actually, its Wednesday for the Dodgers. For many other teams its today.) In celebration Dee Gordon puts up a pic, via twitter, showing everybody pouring into Arizona.

In other news, the Dodgers hosted a their first event in today's community caravan by sponsoring a Los Angeles River Clean-Up.

First, here's a twitpic from iWags showing volunteers for the clean up.

From DodgertownUSA twitpic we see Andre Ethier doing his part.

Don Mattingly was also there to lend a hand.

James Loney looks like he is providing some needed direction.

Here is a group pic including all participants.

eBay: Sandy Koufax Sketch Card

The sketch insert card has become a highly desired and chased prize in packs today. They are rare and often are drawn by some noted and popular sports and comic artist. In the 2011 Topps boxes there are a large number of different sketch cards inserted randomly in packs and many of them have been popping up on eBay recently. Below are three such cards featuring the great Sandy Koufax.

This card is drawn by Neil Camera. He drew some wacky packages art in 2005 and 2006.

Here is a Koufax sketch card recreating his 1958 Topps card.
Here, the artist signed it on the reverse. See it below. Chris Henderson.

Here is a nice Koufax sketch card featuring a copy of his 1955 Topps card. The artist is not known.