Tuesday, November 17, 2009

eBay: Dodger Stuff

Here are some great Dodger items I found on eBay recently. Below is a UPI Press Photo of Preacher Roe being congratulated by his Dodger teammates after winning the 2nd game of the 1949 World Series against the Yankees.
eBay Auction: Roe Photo:

In my opinion, the best vintage photos you can get come directly from the fans. Below is a fan created photo of Brooklyn Dodger first base coach Jake Pitler. With the palm trees in the background I would be willing to bet that this is a Spring Training photo. He was a coach for the Brooklyn team from 1947 to 1957 (their last year in the borough). Later on he continued his employment with the Dodgers as a scout.

I have never played or even heard of this vintage Baseball card game. It is called Big League Manager and below is the team set for the 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers. I love the cartoon drawing of the old Brooklyn "Bum."

Has anyone ever heard of the Pepsi Dodger Fan Club? Below is a patch celebrating this group in 1972.

Sports Collectibles Makeover

As a sports collector geek I find this intriguing. Unfortunately, I live on the West Coast and I rent currently so this announcement is lost on me, but I'm sure there are some worthy folks out there who could use some organization and makeover help. I believe this show may coincide with the National Sports Card Collectors Convention being held in Baltimore next year. From an email I just received from The National.

The HGTV Network is looking to power up with some strong "male" dominance by picking a sports super home to do a fabulous TV "Make Over". Do your sports collectibles grow like weeds instead of flowers? Is it one mess from the doorway to doorway? Then you might be the lucky person who becomes a hero to your wife and family, as HGTV comes in and gives you the ultimate home makeover.

Turn your collection into a true sports presentation. HGTV is casting for families in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, MA and other Northeast locations.

Email us about your situation at home, what you've got, where you live, etc. and we will turn all emails over to the casting director of HGTV. This is the real deal! Be on TV and get your sports stuff looking GREAT!

Send all emails to: nicole.ford@leopardfilms.com

All e-mails must be received by 12/31/09 to be eligible.