Wednesday, December 14, 2011

eBay: 1947 Radio Broadcast Recordings on Record From Valdosta, Georgia

I find this eBay auction item totally fascinating. I'll let the auction describe it:
You are bidding on three, rare, flexible metal, record transcriptions from March 24 and March 27, 1947, from the radio station W.G.O.V. in Valdosta, Georgia. The records are of the radio's Sports Cast of those two days. The announcer is Vic Zodda, the business manager for the Valdosta Dodgers which was a farm club of the major league baseball Brooklyn Dodgers. Zodda was filling in for the regular sports reporter, Curley Bovers, who was at a golf tournament. The three records are flexible metal and are played at the 78 rpm speed.
Knowing that the dates coincides with Jackie Robinson's entrance into the league I naturally wondered if he was mentioned. Unfortunately, he is not, but there are some other interesting tidbits.
  • Vic Zodda describes Mr. Branch Rickey, himself, (owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers) being on the pitching mound and giving advice to the pitchers.
  • There is a lengthy monologue about the charges by baseball commissioner Larry MacPhail brought against three members of the Brooklyn Dodgers in connection with gambling at a previous spring training stint in Havana, Cuba. Those involved included Branch Rickey and manager Leo Durocher. The actions were declared as, "detrimental to baseball".

Other sports are also spoken about. Since I don't have a record player this item is not for me, but I sure would love to hear them. If anybody takes these home please record them and put it on youtube.


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