Friday, August 17, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 8/17/2012

Take a look at a preview pic from Topps from their upcoming 2012 Topps Chrome Baseball set.  Above is a dual autographed insert card of Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp.  Pic via twitter @Topps.
  • Baseball Prospectus Day at Dodger Stadium is happening on September 15th.  Go here for information.  There will be a pregame discussion with numerous guest appearances and food is included.
  • Don Newcombe speaks a bit about the upcoming Civil Rights Game in Atlanta, via Spencer Fordin at
"Baseball started it, and it all started with Branch Rickey," said Newcombe. "He was the only one with the backbone to do it. A few years earlier, the Commissioner [Kenesaw Mountain Landis] was saying publicly that we couldn't play, but there were countless African-American citizens who fought in the war and then came back and couldn't find a job. What were we if we weren't full-blooded Americans? It had to change." 
  • Card Buzz was in Rancho Cucamonga and shares a Yasiel Puig auto.  Puig's autograph needs some work.
  • Reddit user BradyIsAnElitePunter shares a photo he/she colorized, and it's a beaut! If you don't know, it's a pic of the infamous bat incident- when Marichal tried to get at the Dodgers catcher, Johnny Roseboro with his bat for attempting to him him on his throw back to Sandy Koufax.
  • Topps just unveiled their Baseball card design for 2013.  So, what do you think?  Better yet, what do you think of the pink monstrosity on the right?  I guess the Jose Reyes is a pink bordered parallel card.

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Dee Gordon and Jerry Hairston Do the Expendables

This video gave me a good laugh.  I'd like to extend a big thanks to Tyler for passing it along.

This MLB FanCave video features several ballplayers auditioning for the new Expendable movie, and it includes Dee Gordon and Jerry Hairston, Jr..  Dee could use some acting lessons, but Jerry might be able to parlay this into another career.

Video Link:

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eBay: 1940's Brooklyn Dodgers Fan Photos from Ebbets Field

eBay never fails to unearth some beautiful Dodgers memorabilia. Here is a grouping of 8 fan taken photographs of the Dodgers from Ebbets Field, circa 1940's.  If you have been a longtime reader of this blog then you know that I love this kind of stuff.  These come from the perspective of a fan and are often one of a kind.  To see other post I've written with other Vintage Dodgers Snapshot then go to this link.  Also, click any pic to embiggen.

I don't recognize any of the players, so if you happen to know who are featured please let me know.

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Collection: 1993 LA Dodgers Police Set

Following up on my series of post focused on Dodgers police sets throughout the years, here are scans of the 1993 LAPD Police set.  To see the other police sets I have featured go here.  There are 30 cards in all, and if I remember correctly were given away to fans as a give away during a game.  Below is a look at what the reverse of the cards look like.

The most notable card in the set is the Mike Piazza card, which is a rookie card.  See it below.

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