Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 1/24/2012 - Bidders Edition

Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson being elected to the Hall of Fame. (pic via @Dodgers twitter)

Dodger Bidding News:
  • Forbes says that the minimum price is set at $1.5Billion.
    A person familiar with the bidding says that given the initial offers being reviewed by Blackstone, the team’s investment bank, owner Frank McCourt will be able set a minimum price of $1.5 billion for the next round.
  • Steve Dilbeck expands further, noting that cable companies are driving up the price. Leo Hinder, founder of the YES Network, is in on the bidding.
  • Bill Shaikin notes that the Dodgers received more than 10 bids on the opening day of bidding.
  • The Wall Street Journal puts together a brief report on the Dodger bidders.
  • Tony Jackson notes that there are only 2 confirmed bidders, so far. He also indicates that various groups may be joining forces.
  • CBS Sports also discusses bidders merging as one.
  • True Blue LA lays down the odds- derby style.
  • Santa Barabara Independent reports on the offer from Tom Barrack.
    Part-time Santa Barbaran Tom Barrack, billionaire owner of Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch, is reportedly one of the top bidders for the L.A. Dodgers.
  • Tucson Citizen does a great review of several Dodger bidders and their qualifications.

Other News:

  • The Baseball Professor ask, where does Dee Gordon rank amongst SS?
  • Andre Ethier has some "unfinished business." via ESPN.
  • Check out some great pics from the Supercross Series race at Dodger Stadium last weekend, via Geico Honda.
  • High Heat Stats has a list of 50 of the most over-rated hitters in Baseball history. There are some Dodgers on this list, as well as many Hall of Famers.
  • The collector in me says kudos. Guy collects all 1,850 PlayStation 2 game, leaves them sealed, via Oddity Central.
  • Check out this 1860 painting of American boxer John Heenan painted right after a 42 round bare-knuckles fight, via The Telegraph.

Grey Flannel Auctions: A Hershiser Beauty

I think it's fair to call this Grey Flannel Week. Not only is the premier of their new reality show starting tonight, but they just opened up their Winter Classic Auction. BTW, if you want more info on the tv show check out their page at the Discovery Channel.

There is really only one item that I find worthy of sharing here. It use to belong to the 'Bulldog' himself, and celebrates a great ending to a wonderful year.

Below is Orel Hershiser's "Babe Ruth Award" given to him after his performance in the 1988 World Series. He pitched 2 complete games, striking out 17 while allowing just 2 runs. Heck, he even punished the A's with his bat. In the one Dodger home game he pitched against Oakland he went 3 for 3, with 2 doubles and a RBI. For his accomplishments that postseason he was named the World Series MVP. This is the actual award given to him and was provided directly by the Bulldog himself to Grey Flannel.

If there is any justice, this should garner the same kind of excitement the Kirk Gibson 1988 memorabilia items caused two years ago.